Details revealed for parallel Gotham TV series that never escaped development
Trent Moore

Though Fox’s Gotham has been one of the few breakout genre hits of the year, we could’ve seen a very different take on the Batman prequel if this parallel series had gotten a green light.

Here's our first look at the brand new Batman: Arkham Knight prequel comic
Nathalie Caron

Batman: Arkham Knight prequel comic is on the way, set to introduce us to the mysterious titular baddie who will come into play in the videogame.

The Dark Knight's under aerial attack in new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer
Jeff Spry

Here's the fierce and fiery finale to the Ace Chemicals Infiltration trailer.

These Gotham fans think they've solved the mystery of who killed Bruce Wayne's parents
Trent Moore

One of the big mysteries hanging over the first season of Gotham is who pulled the trigger in the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Well, these fans think they’ve cracked the case.

Gateway Nerd Gift Guide: Doctor Who, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Walking Dead and more
Aaron Sagers

When you want to introduce someone to nerdery, all you need are these gift suggestions -- and the Dark Knight, Time Lords, superheroes and the clone club

Are Frank Miller and Scott Snyder gearing up for a third Dark Night comic?
Matthew Jackson

According to a new report, Frank Miller could be returning to his Dark Knight Returns universe for the first time in more than a decade.

Check out 5 pages from DC's intriguing new ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Batman comic
Trent Moore

The latest pet project from DC brings together two of our greatest things — comic books and the lost art of Choose Your Own Adventure stories. How could this go wrong?

Unused sets reveal a meta-Batman merch store cut from 1992's Batman Returns
Trent Moore

During development for Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, the director apparently made a mild change to the script that left this awesome Batman store on the cutting-room floor.