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Image of the Day: Did Zack Snyder just reveal a new Justice League cameo?

Love his movies or hate them, you can't deny that Zack Snyder likes giving the fans little teases of things to come.

Zack Snyder unleashes first look at Batman's tactical suit in Justice League

Justice League director Zack Snyder has taken to social media to share an awesome image of Ben Affleck suited up in Batman’s tactical suit.

The Dark Knight unites with ninja turtles in 15 cowabunga covers for Batman/TMNT #1
Nov 17, 2015

Check out these killer dealer incentive covers for DC's new Batman/TMNT #1 crossover event.

Fascinating video essay explores the 70-year evolution of Batman's Gotham City
Nov 12, 2015

Though Batman typically gets top billing, his home turf has arguably evolved into a character in and of itself over the decades. Heck, just ask Fox — they built an entire TV series around the crazy characters who inhabit the city before Bats even grows up.

Watch the new trailer for DC's latest animated feature Batman: Bad Blood
Nov 10, 2015

Check out the latest preview for a bold new Dark Knight animated adventure.

The Dark Knight III co-creators on working with Miller, capturing 'lightning in the bottle'
Nov 3, 2015

Frank Miller has put together a team of heavy hitters to wrap up his Dark Knight trilogy, and now they’ve opened up on the final run they believe will really “piss people off” once readers get to see it.

Rumor of the Day: This is the comic DC is adapting for the next solo Batman film
Oct 30, 2015

We knew Warner Bros. is keen to give Ben Affleck’s Batman his own solo film, and now we might just know the story they plan to tell.

Ben Affleck says he's open to directing himself as Batman
Oct 23, 2015

That rumored standalone Batman movie? Sure, Ben Affleck is interested in directing it.

Zack Snyder on creating the new Batman design, Frank Miller’s influence (or lack thereof)
Oct 22, 2015

Considering how long we’ve been hearing about this movie, it’s hard to believe we still have to wait until next year to actually see it. But Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder is at least trying to keep us busy with some new intel on his DC team-up flick.

Finally: Bill Finger is credited alongside Bob Kane in this week's Batman comics
Oct 21, 2015

Batman's long-overshadowed co-creator is getting more and more credit these days.