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DC's Batman Rebirth is about to start connecting the Watchmen dots

Tying in the characters and events of Watchmen to the larger DC Comics universe was the big secret and big reveal when the line debuted earlier this year. Then … nothing. Now it sounds like this crossover is about to start making a bit more sense.

Rumor of the Day: This is the comic DC is adapting for the next solo Batman film
Oct 30, 2015

We knew Warner Bros. is keen to give Ben Affleck’s Batman his own solo film, and now we might just know the story they plan to tell.

Ben Affleck says he's open to directing himself as Batman
Oct 23, 2015

That rumored standalone Batman movie? Sure, Ben Affleck is interested in directing it.

Zack Snyder on creating the new Batman design, Frank Miller’s influence (or lack thereof)
Oct 22, 2015

Considering how long we’ve been hearing about this movie, it’s hard to believe we still have to wait until next year to actually see it. But Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder is at least trying to keep us busy with some new intel on his DC team-up flick.

Finally: Bill Finger is credited alongside Bob Kane in this week's Batman comics
Oct 21, 2015

Batman's long-overshadowed co-creator is getting more and more credit these days.

Gotham’s young Bruce Wayne on planting the seeds to become Batman
Oct 20, 2015

Funnily enough, Bruce Wayne was only supposed to be a bit player in Fox’s Gotham. But the producers liked what young actor David Mazouz brought to the role, so they upped his involvement. So, what’s next for the boy-Batman-to-be?

Ninja nuns are on the run in new trailer for DC Animation's Batman: Bad Blood
Oct 14, 2015

The sequel to Son of Batman amps up the superhero action with DC's newest animated feature.