Rumor of the Day: Potential plot points for DC's Justice League Part 1
Don Kaye

Thanks to a casting agency, we may have some insight into the storyline of Justice League Part 1. Potential spoilers ahead!

Frank Miller confirms plans to return for The Dark Knight IV
Trent Moore

The final chapter in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga isn’t looking so final these days.

Fascinating video essay explores the 70-year evolution of Batman's Gotham City
Trent Moore

Though Batman typically gets top billing, his home turf has arguably evolved into a character in and of itself over the decades. Heck, just ask Fox — they built an entire TV series around the crazy characters who inhabit the city before Bats even grows up.

This rocker could’ve played Harley Quinn in an aborted 1990s Batman film
Trent Moore

After making her debut in Batman: The Animated Series all those years ago, Harley Quinn is finally getting the live-action treatment in next year’s Suicide Squad. It could've been sooner.

An all-new Batsuit is revealed in Batman #41
Nathalie Caron

Ever wondered what Jim Gordon would be wearing underneath his new mech-tech Batman armor? Some cool bat-underwear, perhaps?

This new Square Enix dark fantasy Batman figure is a creepy clawed nightmare
Jeff Spry

This wickedly awesome new Dark Knight variant action figure may haunt you forever.

New trailer for Batkid Begins documentary guaranteed to give you all the feels
Trent Moore

The touching story of young Miles Scott, aka BatKid, took the world by storm back in 2013 — and a new documentary aims to tell the story behind the story.


Movie FX legend Rick Baker creates his own version of DC Comics' Joker
Trent Moore

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if movie effect legend Rick Baker took a crack at DC’s most iconic villain, wonder no more. Prepare yourself — it’s creepy.


Gotham producer promises 'spectacular villains' will rise, teases Bat-cave reveal
Trent Moore

The first season of Fox’s Gotham is in the books. It’s been a wild, weird ride, to say the least. So what’s coming next?