The Walking Dead toned down violence following complaints from Season 7 premiere

If you were thinking The Walking Dead has toned down the brutality since the bloody Season 7 premiere, turns out you're right.

NASA video shows what it would look like to land a spaceship on Pluto

We're still trying to figure out how to put a man on Mars, so we're at least several decades (if not centuries) from ever reaching the proto-planet at the end of our solar system.

Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover lands director, airdate set

The first details on the long-awaited Supergirl and The Flash musical crossover have started to leak out, and now the two-parter officially has an airdate.  

Watch: The Magicians cast promises bigger magic and unicorn love (?) in Season 2

We caught up with the cast of The Magicians to talk about what fans can expect when the show returns next week for Season 2.

Batman faces off with evil Superman in first look at DC's new Injustice 2 comic

It started out as a storyline to have all of DC's heroes fight one another, but the plot of the video game Injustice has become so much more. Well, good news: the adventure is about to continue.

Get geeked for the midseason with new CW sizzle reel featuring Flash, Supergirl and Arrow

It's been a long midseason break, but The CW's Arrowverse is officially back in action next week. Need something to get you amped up for the premieres? This should do the trick.

This Call of Cthulhu video game looks like Lovecraftian nightmare fuel

If you've ever wanted to live out an H.P. Lovecraft nightmare, this should do the trick.

Veteran actor Miguel Ferrer, star of RoboCop and Twin Peaks, has died

Character actor Miguel Ferrer, who had roles in several sci-fi classics over the years, has passed away at the age of 61.

Original plans for G.I. Joe 3 would have introduced the Transformers

Where Transformers has become a legit blockbuster film series, the G.I. Joe franchise has never been able to reach that level of success. So the studio considered putting them together to build some buzz.