Wayward Pines is still a very creepy place in latest trailer for Season 2

A true success story of the DVR age, Fox’s event series Wayward Pines officially returns for a second season later this month. So, what can we expect from the creepiest little town on the planet this year?

Anne Heche, James Tupper to star in Syfy's post-apocalyptic thriller Aftermath

Syfy is gearing up to start production on a new, post-apocalyptic series that will also dabble in the supernatural. Now we know who will be leading the cast through Aftermath.

First look at the new redesign of the Power Rangers

We already got a peek at the new-look Rita Repulsa, but now we finally have our first look at the brand new Power Rangers. Yeah, these aren’t the Mighty Morphers you’re probably used to.

Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead Season 6 finale: 'I'm sorry'

Fans are still reeling from the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, and now creator Robert Kirkman has chimed in on the controversy.

Rumor of the day: Budget cuts, CW move possible for Supergirl renewal

It’s coming down to the wire for Supergirl, and with CBS’s fall schedule looming, the network will have to make a decision soon about the future of National City.

Check out J.R.R. Tolkien's hand-written annotations on this map of Middle-earth

Hardcore fans almost certainly already know their way around Middle-earth, but you’ve probably never seen J.R.R. Tolkien’s hand-annotated map of the Lord of the Rings world.

Wait, so The Craft 'reboot' won’t actually be a reboot after all?

For young adults of a certain generation, the 1996 flick The Craft was the go-to movie for what it means to be witch-y. We already knew there was a new installment in the works, but it sounds like the studio might not be going the reboot route after all.

Google is working on a computer that is literally injected into your eye

If you thought Google Glass was ambitious, it turns out the super-geek glasses were just the beginning. Google doesn’t just want to be in your glasses — it wants to literally be inside your eye.

Film legend David Cronenberg to (literally) play god in new sci-fi short Tomorrow's Shadows

David Cronenberg has made some of the most iconic, and terrifying, films in modern history. So now, the filmmaking god is gearing up to play the real thing.