Marvel's Kevin Feige on why the 3D is actually worth it for Doctor Strange

When it comes to 3D in movies, you typically either love it or hate it. But, regardless of your preference, it sounds like it might be worth taking the plunge for Doctor Strange

DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee on why Rebirth is definitely not a reboot

Marvel Comics has turned the non-reboot “reboot” into an art form these days, and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee has opened up to provide some additional context about the publisher’s ongoing Rebirth relaunch.

Teens can fly in first trailer for James Patterson's young adult dystopia Maximum Ride

If you’re looking for a new young adult sci-fi franchise to fill the void now that Divergent is apparently heading to the small screen, how about something with winged teens?

Unpublished, fossil-hunting Michael Crichton novel Dragon Teeth set for release in 2017

Despite his tragic death in 2008, the man behind such sci-fi classics as Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain has left behind (at least) one more manuscript: Dragon Teeth.

New company aims to create the satellite infrastructure for private space race

Humanity still has a lot of legwork to do before we can start kicking around the solar system, and one problem we’re looking to solve is actually getting the infrastructure up there to support all those eventual spacecraft. Well, Audacy is looking to solve that problem.

Legends of Tomorrow will meddle with history, dig into the Justice Society in Season 2

The first season of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow was a big, fun, crazy, ambitious mess — and in its own weird way — it totally worked. But, it sounds like they’ll be shaking up the formula a bit in Season 2.

Batman's not the only Justice League member in Suicide Squad

Ahead of the film’s official opening next weekend, Warner Bros. has dropped the full cast list for Suicide Squad … and it includes a surprise or two.

Check out the first creepy teasers for the sixth season of American Horror Story

Mystery has always been a big part of FX’s American Horror Story series, and it only gets deeper with our first tantalizing peek at Season 6.

The price tag for SpaceX's Red Dragon mission to Mars is surprisingly cost-effective

Though it’ll be at least another decade or so until NASA sends a ship to Mars, private space firm SpaceX is gearing up to send one of its Red Dragon ships to the red planet in just two years. So, what’s the price tag to (hopefully) land an unmanned ship on Mars?

Ben Edlund on his plan for the new Tick series, how it differs from Fox's 2001 effort

From the animated series to comic books, The Tick has proven to have some legit staying power over the decades. Now he’s finally coming back to live action. But how will it differ from Fox’s short-lived (but beloved) attempt in 2001?

Watch the trailer for Impossible Things, the first feature film co-written by an AI

We’ve already seen what happens when a script-writing artificial intelligence Is tasked with writing a short film script solo (it’s pretty hilarious, but not exactly watchable). But what about if human writers work together with an AI to make a horror film?