Wait, so The Craft 'reboot' won’t actually be a reboot after all?

For young adults of a certain generation, the 1996 flick The Craft was the go-to movie for what it means to be witch-y. We already knew there was a new installment in the works, but it sounds like the studio might not be going the reboot route after all.

Google is working on a computer that is literally injected into your eye

If you thought Google Glass was ambitious, it turns out the super-geek glasses were just the beginning. Google doesn’t just want to be in your glasses — it wants to literally be inside your eye.

Film legend David Cronenberg to (literally) play god in new sci-fi short Tomorrow's Shadows

David Cronenberg has made some of the most iconic, and terrifying, films in modern history. So now, the filmmaking god is gearing up to play the real thing.

Europe and Russia bumping ExoMars mission to search for life from 2018 to 2020

Europe and Russia have been working toward an ambitious new Mars rover, but it seems the 2018 launch target is to tight. So the ExoMars mission will now be bumped to 2020.

Captain America stops a helicopter with his bare hands in new Civil War clip

We’re just a few days from the opening of Captain America: Civil War in the U.S., and Marvel has dropped an action-packed new clip to remind us the Star-Spangled Man still has a plan.

Cult classic horror film franchise Puppet Master coming back to life

Nothing can escape the reboot craze these days, and next up is a creepy horror classic that’s been in the straight-to-DVD dumps for more than a decade.

Karl Urban says 'conversations are happening' for Dredd TV revival

With a potential film sequel seemingly not in the cards, the team behind the 2012 cult hit Dredd is apparently gauging interest for a small-screen adaptation.

SpaceX has set a price list to haul satellites into space on Falcon rockets

With a solid track record of mostly successful launches (and landings!), SpaceX is is now gearing up to begin offering more of its services to the public at large. Well, corporations and research agencies, to be specific.

Watch this guy ride, and crash, his homemade Star Wars-style speeder bike

Ever since Luke Skywalker zipped off through the woods in Return of the Jedi all those decades ago, we’ve been dying for a real-life speeder bike. Well, this isn’t it — but it’s about as close as you can get right now.