First look at Spider-Gwen's animated series debut in Ultimate Spider-Man

With so many cool, new characters kicking around in the comics the past few years, Marvel has started using its animated series lineup as a de facto proving ground for new characters. Up next? Everyone’s favorite new Spider-person.

First footage from Phineas and Ferb creators' new Disney XD series starring Weird Al Yankovic

With everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Star Wars: Rebels already on the schedule, Disney XD is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for sci-fi geek-friendly animated fare. Now, they’re expanding a bit to grab attention from music geeks, as well.

The International Space Station is officially ready for the private spaceflight era

At almost 20 years old, the International Space Station (ISS) might be showing its age these days — but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a few more tricks left up its sleeve.

Blue Beetle returns in first look at DC's Rebirth relaunch series

Sure, the first batch of DC’s Rebirth titles have focused mostly on the A-listers, but one of the more interesting comics is finally about to hit shelves. Want a peek?

After 2 years of silence, NASA has finally reestablished contact with a long-lost spacecraft

Typically where space stuff is concerned, two hours of lost contact means your craft is almost certainly gone. But NASA just hit the long-lost spacecraft lotto.

This guy built a spot-on replica of the retro-future computer from Lost in Space

There’s just something about retro-future tech from 1950s and 1960s science fiction, so one intrepid fan decided to bring a little bit of it to life.

Mark Hamill joins push to help terminally ill Star Wars fan see Rogue One early

Neil Hanvey, 36, is a really big Star Wars fan. Sadly, he also just has 2-4 months left to live due to his deteriorating health. So a group of supporters (and Mark Hamill himself) are trying to grant one parting wish for Neil.

Arrow showrunner on adding Dolph Lundgren, heading to Russia in Season 5

The flashback saga on Arrow has been hit-and-miss the past few seasons, but the story of Oliver’s five-year shipwreck adventure is definitely going out with a bang.

Diverse collection of artists, works win big at the 2016 Hugo Awards

If you’re looking for the next great sci-fi or fantasy novel you should be reading, this is about the best place to start.

Head into the wild, sci-fi future of HBO's Westworld with several new pics

With production back on track and a premiere date in sight, HBO has released some new pics from its high-concept sci-fi series Westworld.

The sequel may be stalled, but now Beetlejuice is coming to Broadway

As rumblings of a potential big-screen sequel continue to linger in development hell, Warner Bros. has decided to take Beetlejuice in a different route for the meantime: Broadway.