Lord of the Rings

Read Peter Jackson's heartfelt tribute to the late Christopher Lee
Nathalie Caron

While the whole world mourns the passing of acting legend Sir Christopher Lee, the man who directed him in five movies has written a touching tribute about his late friend.

Sir Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93
Nathalie Caron

The man who made Dracula a legend and brought Saruman to life on the big screen has passed away.

Weta Workshop at 20: An interview with Richard Taylor
Lisa Granshaw

We talk to the man who brought Middle-earth to life about the prominent VFX company's past, present and future.

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with a look at our favorite pairings from the movies, shows, books and comics we love.

Live It Up Gift Guide: Geek lifestyle gifts from Firefly, Hellboy, The Hobbit, Star Trek, and more
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Sure, your giftee can watch, read, and game, but these are suggestions dedicated to replicas, lifestyle items, and geek chic fashion to bring their nerdiness to life.

Watch the lovefest that is the Hobbit effects creators meeting Hobbit cosplayers
Dany Roth

What happens when the people who make the movie magic meet the fans who try to imitate that movie magic? You guessed it -- the most magical magic of them all.

Live in LA? Wanna rent a Hobbit Hole? That is now officially an option.
Dany Roth

If you're looking to relocate to the West Coast, might we suggest the Shire ... which is in Culver City now, apparently?

Relive the entire Tolkien saga with massive Hobbit and LOTR legacy trailer
Trent Moore

Sure, Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy might be a bit on the bloated side, but it still comes from one heck of a respected legacy via the seminal Lord of the Rings films. 

Earth 2: World's End #7 meets Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth, Hannibal Lecter and Highlander?
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This week we ask the questions: "What does David Bowie have to do with the Furies of Apokolips?" and "Jimmy Olsen, are you a god?"

This awesome short film proves it ain't easy being an orc in Mordor
Trent Moore

Judging by the LOTR films, being an orc seems like it’d be a pretty sweet gig (if you’re evil): Cause trouble, raid villages and wreak all kinds of havoc. But it ain’t easy being green(ish).