Bruce Boxleitner on TRON 3 cancellation: 'I'm done with it'
Trent Moore

We’re still bummed about Disney’s decision to pull the plug on TRON 3 in the eleventh hour, but it sounds like star Bruce Boxleitner has had enough of the emotional roller coaster.

Pixar goes prehistoric in first full trailer for The Good Dinosaur
Trent Moore

We've had hints of Pixar's "what if the dinosaurs didn't die out" film, but here's our first real look at it.

Finn and Chewie stand side by side in new Star Wars: The Force Awakens promo image
Nathalie Caron

John Boyega has taken to Instagram over the weekend to share a cool Star Wars: The Force Awakens promo image with fans.

Check out concept art and videos for new TRON lightcycle ride at Shanghai Disneyland
Jeff Spry

Rev up your light cycle and streak into this sneak peek at Disney's newest hi-tech TRON thrillride.

9 reasons more TRON Uprising is the answer to Disney's TRON sequel problem
Ernie Estrella

It's a bummer the TRON sequel was canceled, but we have a much better solution for the House of the Mouse.

Original Star Wars trilogy to be adapted, expanded in new series of novels
Trent Moore

Along with expanding the Star Wars canon in a big way with everything from comic books to new film sequels, the folks at Disney haven’t forgotten where it all began.

Here's the first Star Wars mobile game that will serve as a prelude to The Force Awakens
Trent Moore

 Disney has wasted no time shaking up the status quo in the Star Wars universe, and now that new continuity is making its way to the mobile gaming space.

Disney turning that Fantasia sequence that gave you nightmares into live action film
Trent Moore

Having realized just how much intellectual property they’re sitting on over at the Mouse House, Disney execs are digging even deeper into the archives for live action ideas. The latest? Fantasia.

Disney's ambitious new Playmation game tech lets you become an Avenger
Trent Moore

There’s a sweet spot somewhere between videogames and live-action play, and Disney is trying to find it with the intriguing new game tech Playmation.

More than 25,000 fans rally petition for Disney to revive aborted TRON sequel
Trent Moore

If you’re bummed that Disney recently pulled the plug on TRON 3, you’re not alone. Luckily, 25,000+ fans are rallying to let Disney know there is still interest in the vintage sci-fi franchise.

Tron 3 is NOT happening. Disney shuts down sequel
Krystal Clark

Disney just made a huge executive decision. After months of talk, the studio has pulled the plug on Tron 3.

Learn how memories work in a new clip from Pixar's Inside Out
Matthew Jackson

The new Inside Out clip takes us inside the film's system of memories. 

Brad Bird reveals why he passed on directing Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Nathalie Caron

We're set to return to a galaxy far, far away with director J.J. Abrams, but did you know that Brad Bird was once at the top of the list to helm the upcoming Star Wars movie, and that he decided to pass? Here's why.