Logan breaks into song in spirited new How it Should Have Ended video

Wolverine makes a marvelous singing mutant as this new video clearly shows.

Watch Hugh Jackman slash his way through the X-Men movies in Wolverine supercut video
Mar 28, 2017

Snikt! If you’re going through Logan withdrawals, you should check out this new supercut video featuring (almost) every Wolverine slash.

Image of the Day: Hugh Jackman holds up the classic Wolverine mask
Mar 13, 2017

Hugh Jackman teases the one version of Wolverine he never got to play.

Hugh Jackman offers video farewell for 17 years of Wolverine
Mar 7, 2017

Hugh Jackman says goodbye to Wolverine with this emotional Instagram video.

Logan TV spot showcases the full fury of X-23
Feb 27, 2017

Little Laura launches a vicious attack in this latest peek at Logan.

Wolverine and X-23 pair up for punishment in new Logan TV spots
Feb 10, 2017

Check out this slashing new trio of combative TV spots for Logan.

James Mangold shares dramatic black-and-white clip from Logan
Feb 9, 2017

Logan director James Mangold has released a black and white sequence from 20th Century Fox’s final Wolverine movie.

X-23 bares her claws in sharp new shots from Logan
Jan 25, 2017

Empire has released four new Logan images of Wolverine and X-23 sporting their talons.