Read This Next: The Sixth Gun, Harrow County and Genre Mashups
Ernie Estrella

If you like Sixth Gun by Cullen Bunn, check out Bunn's Harrow County and read up as he walks us through the comic's inspirations.

Dynamite announces a new James Bond comic written by Warren Ellis
Matthew Jackson

A new James Bond comic is exciting all by itself, but now Dynamite's added a superstar writer to the mix.

READ THIS NEXT: Hawkeye, The Flash, and Heroes of the People
Matthew Jackson

Welcome back to Read This Next, an ongoing series designed to help you find more great comics.

Image of the Day: Jim Gordon's Project Batman blueprints
Jeff Spry

Dive into these detailed plans for Commissioner Gordon's awesome new armored Batsuit.

The 2015 Eisner nominations are here, and we picked 5 highlights
Matthew Jackson

This year's list of nominees features a who's who of rising stars and comic-book legends.

Mark Millar's acclaimed comic Jupiter's Legacy finally coming to the big screen
Trent Moore

Outside of Stan Lee, Mark Millar is arguably one of the most prolific comic creators bringing his work to the big screen. Now, his magnum opus is finally getting a shot.


Richard Matheson's 1956 sci-fi novel The Shrinking Man coming to IDW comics
Trent Moore

Adaptations are all the rage these days, and IDW is digging deep into the sci-fi catalog for its latest new series. 

First comic award to honor the late Dwayne McDuffie announces nominees
Matthew Jackson

One of comics' greatest advocates for diversity is getting another tribute in the form of an award that bears his name.

Act fast! Dark Horse is having a Star Wars comic fire sale to close out 2014
Trent Moore

We're just a few short weeks away from the eagerly anticipated start of Marvel’s new Star Wars comics, but don’t forget about the decades of stories already sitting on the shelf.

Luke, Leia and Han Solo return in 3 sample pages from Marvel's Star Wars #1 comic
Trent Moore

The first installment in Marvel’s new, canonical Star Wars comic launches in January — and we have a first look right here. Spoiler alert: There are a lot of familiar faces.

Jem and the Holograms head to comics for the first time in 2015
Matthew Jackson

Before we get the Jem movie, we'll get her first-ever truly outrageous comic-book series.

Ambitious alien invasion sci-fi comic Drafted coming to the big screen
Trent Moore

With all the Marvel and DC properties locked up, film studios are looking outside the box for the next genre hit — and they've landed on this alien-invasion tale.

Kirkman promises 'the story completely changes' in this season of The Walking Dead
Trent Moore

We’re a few episodes into the current season of The Walking Dead, and it’s obvious this year has a different flavor than what comes before. But Kirkman says that’s just the beginning.

First look at Wes Craven's new horror comic, Coming of Rage (which is also coming to TV)
Trent Moore

Wes Craven has been creeping us out for decades, and he shows no signs of stopping now. Up next? The horror comic Coming of Rage, which is also set to spawn a new TV series.

Swoop into these 22 weird and warty witch comic-book covers
Jeff Spry

Our Halloween comics celebration continues with a scary storm of spellbinding witch covers spanning 60 years.