Penn & Teller to join forces with Spider-Man/Deadpool in story written by Penn Jillette

Stage magician and comedian Penn Jillette — of the dynamic duo of Penn & Teller — will (ahem) pen the upcoming Spider-Man/Deadpool #11 Marvel comic book issue drawn by Scott Koblish, which will see Spidey and Deapool join forces with the two magicians.

Image of the day: Spider-Man and Deadpool just took a hilarious shot at Batman v Superman

The character of Deadpool has always been a little on the meta side, but the latest issue featuring the Merc With a Mouth just took a hard shot at DC’s divisive 2016 blockbuster.

Sony plans for shared Spider-Man universe with Marvel in creative control

Before Sony entered into an inter-studio partnership with Marvel in the wake of The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s failure at the box office, the studio was actively planning at least two movie spinoffs: Sinister Six and Venom.

Sony snares animation veteran to direct new animated Spider-Man movie

Tarzan and Shrek 2 animator takes the lead in new Spider-Man animated film.

Spider-Man gets a new suit and saves NYC in first trailer for Marvel's new PS4 game

Peter Parker’s alter ego is already making a comeback in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the wall-crawler is about to headline his own blockbuster video game.

Concept art for cancelled Spider-Man 4 reveals 2 original Sinister Six villains

Some new awesome pieces of concept art from Sam Raimi’s cancelled Spider-Man 4 have emerged, revealing the wall-crawler was set to face-off against two original Sinister Six villains.

Rumor of the day: Sony's animated Spider-Man film to focus on Miles Morales

Along with Tom Holland’s live-action Spider-Man spinoff Homecoming, Sony has also signed LEGO Movie masterminds Phil Lord and Chris Miller to create a new animated Spidey franchise. Turns out, they might be taking things in a very different direction.

Tom Holland on how he wanted his Spider-Man to feel like a kid

Being the third actor to play the role of Spider-Man since 2002 was a pretty daunting task for Tom Holland.

Spider-Man takes on the Winter Soldier in new Civil War footage

Marvel managed to keep most of the Spider-Man stuff under wraps, but the latest footage from Captain America: Civil War finally shows off a bit more of Peter Parker’s alter ego in action.

This classic villain is rumored to be in the new Spider-Man movie

One of Spidey's very first enemies may be in his next stand-alone film -- and he's someone we almost saw once before.