CONFIRMED: These two writers will write Marvel and Sony's new Spider-Man reboot
Nathalie Caron

Marvel and Sony have found the guys who'll pen our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler's next solo opus.


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DC's Geoff Johns would absolutely love the chance to get his hands on these two amazing Marvel comic-book characters.

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If you’ve been looking for a way to meld your love of Marvel Comics and hip-hop, this should do the trick.

Here’s a first look at 45 comics in Marvel’s All New, All Different relaunch
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A massive piece of Marvel Comics’ relaunch puzzle has leaked out ahead of schedule — want a peek at the All New, All Different universe?



Kevin Feige explains why Marvel's Spider-Man is different from anything that's come before
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Marvel is getting ready to make the sixth live-action Spider-Man film in the past 13 years, so what will set this one apart from all the others?

Marvel reveals new details on flagship All New, All Different Avengers comic
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We already knew Marvel’s flagship team would be retooled in the wake of Secret Wars, but now we have some intriguing new details on the All New, All Different Avengers


Why Miles Morales' Spider-Man upgrade is a huge creative (and cultural) step
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We knew Marvel Comics would be shaking up the status quo with an “All New, All Different” universe in the wake of Secret Wars later this year, but no one expected something quite this big.


Marvel has found its new Spider-Man, plus who'll direct the stand-alone film
Trent Moore

It’s official: Marvel and Sony have settled on a new Peter Parker, and they’ve also chosen a director for the next Spider-Man film, to boot.


Miles Morales hits the main Marvel Universe with his own series this fall
Matthew Jackson

The fan-favorite Ultimate Spider-Man will get a permanent home in the main Marvel Universe this fall.

One down, two or three left in hunt for new Spider-Man
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The search for the new film Spider-Man has just taken a surprising turn.

Here are the two directors at the top of Marvel's short list for the next Spider-Man film
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While we continue to wonder who will score the title role in Marvel’s new Spider-Man film, the studio has apparently narrowed down a short list for who will helm the MCU reboot.