Marvel's new video games will be free to tell stories outside the MCU
Feb 27, 2017

Marvel is cranking up development on some ambitious video games connected to some of their biggest properties, and now we have a bit more insight into the creative approach. Which isn't exactly what we expected (in a good way).

Chip Zdarsky launching flagship Spider-Man comic for Marvel
Feb 14, 2017

Peter Parker is a globe-trotting millionaire running his own company these days, but if you've been jonesing for Spidey to get back to the Big Apple, this should do the trick.

Sony confirms Miles Morales will be the star of the animated Spider-Man movie
Jan 18, 2017

The upcoming animated Spider-Man film finally has an official star.

It's Spider-Man star Tom Holland vs. Squirrel Girl (sorta) in hilarious video
Jan 18, 2017

Spider-Man star Tom Holland recently got swarmed by squirrels. Could Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl be responsible for the hilarity that ensued?

Tom Holland confirms Spider-Man will spin a web in Avengers: Infinity War
Jan 10, 2017

We'll definitely be seeing the webslinger in the hotly anticipated Marvel movie.

Marvel's new Spider-Man animated series to feature Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales
Jan 2, 2017

Some of Marvel’s most ambitious stuff isn’t just happening on the big screen. The studio has been testing out the multiverse over on Disney XD with its Ultimate Spider-Man series, and a few fan favorites are set to co-headline the network’s next flagship Spidey series.

Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen share a kiss in first look at next Spider-Man
Dec 8, 2016

We had an inkling that a love connection between Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen could be brewing, and now we have a first look at this universe-spanning kiss.