Bryan Fuller keeps teasing us with amazing Hannibal Season 4 ideas
May 26, 2017

Bryan Fuller still hasn't given up on a fourth season of Hannibal.

Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller is reviving Amazing Stories
Oct 26, 2015

The 1985 anthology series created by Steven Spielberg is getting relaunched.

Prepare for the Red Dragon, and say goodbye to Hannibal, in final SDCC trailer
Jul 14, 2015

NBC’s beloved thriller Hannibal might be headed to serial killer heaven, but that doesn’t mean the acclaimed series is over just yet.

Show creator Bryan Fuller debuted a lengthy new trailer for the final season (which is currently airing), showing off a ton of footage of new baddie the Red Dragon, aka Francis Dolarhyde. The character is being played by The Hobbit alum Richard Armitage, and he is looking extremely intense and creepy. It’s classic Hannibal, and a depressing reminder that this show is coming to a premature end.

Le sigh. Enjoy.

Hannibal just stole Daredevil's director AND Thor 2's villain
Jul 4, 2015

That new Hannibal TV series may be a serial killer drama, but it sure is making some waves in the comic book world. Since NBC has opted to pick up the series, it has nabbed both an actor and director from two high-profile superhero flicks currently in the works.

Bryan Fuller: 50/50 chance Hannibal is resurrected by a streaming service
Jun 25, 2015


The show might not be a ratings juggernaut, but Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal remains one of the most critically beloved shows of this decade — and it ain’t dead yet.

Want to save Hannibal from cancellation? This petition might help
Jun 24, 2015

Now you can take a bite out of trying to save Bryan Fuller's freshly canceled Hannibal.

Hannibal is cancelled, but producers are already looking for a new home
Jun 22, 2015

After three succulent seasons of defying the ratings odds, Hannibal won't be back for a fourth course.

5 reasons fantasy and horror fans should be watching Hannibal
Jun 4, 2015

Hannibal is not a supernatural show, but it is supernaturally good. 

The Hobbit star Richard Armitage signs on for killer role in NBC's Hannibal
Jan 14, 2015

It might be consistently low-rated, but NBC’s serial killer thriller Hannibal is still one of the best shows on television — and the next season will be bringing in some big-screen talent.

Resurrection stays strong, Hannibal rises + 51 other genre shows
Mar 19, 2014

Resurrection proved this week that those big premiere numbers weren't just audience curiosity.