Amazing Spider-Man

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Andrew Garfield looks back on the sad reality of being (and not being) Spider-Man

Though Sony promised an ambitious, connected universe built around Andrew Garfield and the Amazing Spider-Man franchise — all of that crumbled with the diminishing box-office returns. So, what does Garfield make of his tenure as Peter Parker, now that it’s officially over?

Rumor of the day: Does Sony 'hate' the new Spider-Man flick?

There's a rumor bouncing around out there that the suits at Sony are none too pleased with Marc Webb's take on The Amazing Spider-Man. In fact, according to someone claiming to have an inside source, they "hate" it.

See tons of new footage in 4-minute Amazing Spider-Man trailer

A mega-trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has been released, showing off a ton of new footage from director Marc Webb's Peter Parker reboot—including a breathtaking rescue from a burning car hanging off a bridge.

Int'l Amazing Spider-Man trailer shows more web-slinging action

Wanna see a few more, awesome shots from The Amazing Spider-Man? Well, you're in luck, because the new Japanese trailer is chock full of them.

Dr. Connors talks Lizard research in 2 new viral Spider-Man clips

The Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign is in full swing, and two new videos of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) digging into the research that will eventually turn him into The Lizard have been released.

With Miles Morales the new Spider-Man, here's what's up with Peter Parker

Sure, Miles Morales might be taking the title role as the new Spider-Man in Marvel Comics, but that doesn’t mean Peter Parker is out of business.

Deleted Amazing Spider-Man scenes tease Peter's mysterious origin

Considering that the theatrical cut of The Amazing Spider-Man was missing several scenes we'd already glimpsed in early trailers, it seems the "Untold Story" still remains to be told. Now some deleted scenes finally give us a look at Peter Parker's backstory that was left on the cutting room floor.

McFarlane's Amazing Spider-Man cover sets record for original comic art

Hear that crazy crumbling noise? It's the sound of another world record being broken for a single piece of comic art. The winning bid for this iconic Spidey cover was over $600K so don't give up on those art classes just yet. Head in for the ultra-auction scoop...

Learn more about Peter's dad's mysterious death in new Spidey clip

A new clip from The Amazing Spider-Man has been released—dropping some major intel on how Marc Webb's reboot is tackling the mysterious death of Peter Parker's parents.

Alleged casting call indicates Amazing Spider-Man 3 is moving forward right now

We didn’t have to see all the shenanigans and confusion in those leaked emails to know Sony has no clue what to do with the Spider-Man franchise, and now it sounds like the plan might’ve changed. Again.

Yikes! Composer James Horner reveals why he didn't score Amazing Spidey 2

James Horner has composed the score for movies like Aliens, Wrath of Khan, Titanic and the first Amazing Spider-Man movie. So why not Spidey 2?

Rumor of the day: Sony to resurrect Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy for more Spider-Man?

Ever since the big-budget sequel Amazing Spider-Man 2 underwhelmed at the box office (not to mention with fans), Sony has been scrambling to figure out what they’ll do next.

Forget the Sinister Six + going bigger: Here's how to save Amazing Spider-Man

After Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to wow critics, things aren’t looking great for New York’s favorite wall-crawler. But, we have a few ideas for how to get him back on track.

Oops! Looks like Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been delayed to 2017.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can. Unless it involves coming out in 2016, apparently.

Spider-Man execs kill our dreams of seeing Miles Morales on the big screen

Sorry, Miles Morales fans, don't expect the Ultimate Spidey to make the transition to the big screen.