Last Resort

Arrow starts strong, Walking Dead returns HUGE + 34 other shows
May 21, 2015

It was big week for new and returning shows. Over on The CW, Arrow had a very promising premiere, and Beauty and the Beast got off to a pretty good start. Meanwhile The Walking Dead had a huge opening night, and things got worse for 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort.

Last Resort creator reveals what could've been if show survived
Jan 25, 2013

Before ABC decided to pull the plug on the rogue submarine spy-fi drama Last Resort, the writers were prepping for a full season order that would never come.

TV THIS WEEK: American Horror's finale, Felicia Day and more!
Jan 22, 2013

American Horror Story: Asylum's mad tale finally comes to an end, Last Resort signs off forever, and Felicia Day goes LARPing on Supernatural.

Walking Dead dominates, Horror Story falls + 34 other genre shows
Jan 14, 2013

It was another big week for some TV shows, while others slip further and further into obscurity. The Big Bang Theory once again set a high in viewers, while The Walking Dead continued to dominate Sunday night. But things weren't so good for shows like 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort and even Beauty and the Beast, all of which are slipping as we head toward the holiday break.

ABC nukes Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue
Jan 14, 2013

It looks like we'll never find out the dark mysteries behind Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. ABC has canceled both new shows due to low ratings and opted not to pick up the back nine episodes. That means both shows will end after 13 episodes, with ABC planning on airing all the episodes.

Last Resort creator Shawn Ryan explains why his show got nuked
Jan 14, 2013

One of the best new shows of the season, ABC's Last Resort, was an intriguing "what-if" about a U.S. nuclear sub crew going rogue amidst a global political conspiracy. Sadly, the network decided to pull the plug last week—and show creator Shawn Ryan is here to explain why.

Big Bang sets record, Walking Dead wins + 34 other genre shows
Jan 14, 2013

We're very near the holiday break now, and some shows are already leaving us, but there's still plenty to talk about in TV. The Big Bang Theory once again set a record, dominating the whole week, while The Walking Dead slumped but still stayed on top, and Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue got some unwelcome news.

Looks like 2 dead sci-fi shows will get proper finales after all
Jan 14, 2013

You're in luck, Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue fans. We're far enough into the new season that freshmen shows are starting to drop like flies, but at least these two recent casualties at ABC will be able to wrap things up with a proper finale.

FALL SCI-FI TV PREVIEW: Your guide to 28 new and canceled shows
Dec 17, 2012

Fall TV is finally upon us as we get to explore new frontiers, reboots and reality programming, while saying goodbye to some old friends. In part one of our three-part 2012 Fall TV Preview, we'll take a look at canceled and new shows.

Here's how to watch the pilot for ABC's Last Resort free online
Dec 17, 2012

As we noted in our Fall TV Preview this week, ABC's new thriller Last Resort is one of the most promising shows of the 2012-2013 TV season, a big idea with a big cast that could pack a big punch. The show doesn't premiere until September 27, but now you can watch the pilot two weeks early.

Once returns big, Elementary starts strong + 31 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

Premiere week has come and gone, and we've once again got a full slate of new fall shows to follow. This week saw the return of Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest and more, along with the debuts of new shows like Elementary, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort. So how'd they do?

666 Park Avenue and Last Resort kinda sorta get some good news
Dec 17, 2012

With a solid bit of ratings data in the books, ABC has made a decision on two of their freshmen series—the awesome Last Resort and scary soap 666 Park Avenue. So what's the latest?

Why you'll watch Last Resort for more than whether those nukes go boom
Dec 17, 2012

What would you do if your government tried to kill you? And then what if you had the most powerful sub on Earth and a stack of nukes at your disposal? That's the premise of ABC's military thriller, Last Resort.

ABC's fall series include aliens, haunted houses and Terry O'Quinn
Dec 17, 2012

ABC has picked up nine new series, including the alien sitcom, The Neighbors, the conspiracy theory race-against-the-clock-to-save-humanity show Zero Hour, a series starring Lost's Terry O'Quinn involving an evil-infested building called 666 Park Avenue and the nuclear sub series, Last Resort.

VIDEO: 1st look at 3 ABC sci-fi series we'll be watching next fall
Dec 17, 2012

ABC announced its Fall TV schedule today and released trailers for its new series which feature aliens, an evil apartment building and global conflict. No doubt, the success of the fairy-tale themed Once Upon a Time, which has been renewed for a second season, has inspired ABC to get creative.