Weird News

Cosplayer's domestic dispute ends with one guy stabbed by Legend of Zelda's Master Sword
Mar 3, 2014

Two men got into a heated argument. Then things got ... weird. And horrible.

Holy plot twist! Kid robs fair dressed as Batman, turns himself in!
Jul 9, 2013

The good news is, this kid dressed as Batman caught a thief. The bad news is, this kid is the thief. Oops.

Ever schtup an alien? Now's the time to have your story heard!
Mar 22, 2013

Was it good for you or did the little green men leave you wanting?

Did this guy just spontaneously combust? That's what cops think.
Feb 20, 2013

And coming in at #1 on our ways we don't want to die is ...

Mysterious rocks spontaneously burst into fire, cause severe burns
Dec 17, 2012

California resident Lyn Hiner recently spent a typical morning picking up rocks at the beach with her daughters. The not-so-typical part? A few hours later, the rocks burst into flame and lit her shorts on fire. WTF?