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Nic Cage rocks his 1990's Superman Lives suit in long-lost costume test footage

It’s become one of the most famous movies never made, and now we finally have a look at Nicolas Cage in the greatest role he never played. Thank you, Death of Superman Lives.

Here are the two actors considered to play Brainiac in Superman Lives

Tim Burton's Superman Lives would have starred Nicolas Cage as the Son of Krypton, and one of the movie's Big Bads would've been Brainiac. Here's who could have played one of Supes' deadliest foes.

See more of Nic Cage's Man of Steel in new trailer for doc on Burton's aborted Superman

The creators behind the documentary The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened? have released a new trailer digging deeper into the weirdest superhero movie that never was.

1st full trailer for Burton-based doc The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

It’s one of the most famous flicks that never actually existed, and now we have our first look at a documentary digging into Tim Burton’s other superhero movie.

Nic Cage accuses studio of being too 'scared' to release Superman Lives

Tim Burton’s aborted mid-1990s flick Superman Lives has taken on a mythical status among fans, and now would-be star Nicolas Cage has opened up about why it didn’t happen.

Here's more bizarre spider-Brainiac concept art from aborted Superman Lives

When it rains, it pours. With Man of Steel just a month away, even more concept art has surfaced from the aborted 1990s superhero flick Superman Lives.

Giant spiders attack in eerie concept art from aborted Superman Lives

Check out some long-lost concept art from the aborted 1990s Superman Lives flick.

9 intriguing details from Burton's newly leaked Superman Lives script

After more than a decade tucked away in obscurity, the script for Tim Burton’s ill-fated 1997 flick Superman Lives has finally leaked.

Weird new images emerge of Nic Cage in his Superman Lives suit

Forget Henry Cavill, Nic Cage is still the man we all want to see wearing the red and blue.

Revealing toy concept art for Tim Burton's aborted Superman movie

Remember back in the late '90s when Tim Burton was trying to make Superman Lives with Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel? Of course you do. We've heard Kevin Smith talk about his time as a writer on the flick, plus we've seen glimpses of concept art over the years.