Head into the wild, sci-fi future of HBO's Westworld with several new pics

With production back on track and a premiere date in sight, HBO has released some new pics from its high-concept sci-fi series Westworld.

HBO confirms Game of Thrones likely to end in Season 8, spinoff possible

The creators had already started warning fans the Game of Thrones could be coming to an end in the next two or so years, and now we have a semi-confirmation.

Game of Thrones pushed to summer 2017, Season 7 drops to seven episodes

The next season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is going to be a little smaller — and it’ll also be showing up a little later.

HBO officially confirms popular Game of Thrones fan theory about Jon's parents

If there were still any doubts about the identity of Jon Snow’s true parentage on Game of Thrones, they’ve now been put to rest.

Westworld's Nolan on turning the original film 'inside out' with the new HBO series

It’s gone through its fair share of delays, but HBO’s Westworld is over the hump and set to debut this fall — and it sounds like it’ll be one heck of a trip into the dark places between AI and humanity.

HBO releases fantastic new Westworld trailer to remind us it’s still happening

Despite delays and production stalls, HBO is still hard at work on its ambitious adaptation of Westworld. In case you needed a reminder, the network has dropped a creepily fantastic new trailer for the new 10-episode series.

Westworld creators on what they learned from Game of Thrones for new HBO series

It’s arriving a bit later than expected, but HBO is adamant its ambitious Westworld series will hit the small screen by the end of this year. So what can we actually expect?

Brian Michael Bendis' Marvel comic Scarlet in development at Cinemax

Another Marvel comic book title is heading to the small screen, but this time they're joining forces with a cable network giant.