Stephenie Meyer

Why Stephenie Meyer says Twilight is 'not a happy place' for her
Nathalie Caron

Uh-oh. Looks like author Stephenie Meyer doesn’t like Twilight anymore.

Latest trailer for Meyer's Host plays up the Bourne-style action
Trent Moore

The super-sexy alien invasion begins in a little over a week with The Host, but don’t think Stephenie Meyer’s latest creation is just an alien-tinged rehash of her vampy love story Twilight.

You'll fall in love with an alien in latest trailer for Meyer's The Host
Trent Moore

The latest trailer for Stephenie Meyer's The Host shows it will still have a little bit of that Twilight vibe.

New clip for Meyer's The Host digs deeper into weird alien world
Trent Moore

Check out some intriguing new footage from The Host, which breaks down the look of alien-controlled Earth.

See more of Meyer's alien invasion in latest trailer for The Host
Trent Moore

Latest trailer for Stephenie Meyer's The Host peels back the layers of that mysterious alien invasion.

1st trailer for Stephenie Meyer's body-snatching movie The Host
Trent Moore

The first full trailer for author Stephenie Meyer's (Twilight) new film The Host has finally been released—and it looks like a cross between Twilight and a sci-fi The Bourne Identity. Want to see?

Why Twilight's Pattinson said 'keep it in your pants' at Comic-Con
Don Kaye

Most Twilight fans are going to have to wait until November to see the final movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2, but lucky attendees at Comic-Con got to see some of the movie a little bit early.

Stephenie Meyer surprises Comic-Con with 1st minutes of The Host
Don Kaye

The final Twilight panel at Comic-Con, for the upcoming second part of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, was memorable for the entirely separate movie previewed at the end.

Rumor of the Day: Twilight reboots ALREADY in the works?
Trent Moore

It seems Twilight mania may still be far, far from over. Though Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn 2 is still a few months away from hitting theaters, rumor has it the studio is already prepping a round of reboots to keep Edward and Bella on the big screen for another decade or so.

1st footage from Stephenie Meyer's alien invasion pic The Host
Trent Moore

The latest flick based on a Stephanie Meyer property, The Host, is still shooting and nearly a year away from actually hitting theaters—but we now have our first peek at some real footage.

The future's a creepy place in 1st teaser trailer for The Host
Trent Moore

The world is an empty, creepy place in the first teaser trailer for Stephenie Meyer's The Host, based on the popular sci-fi novel of the same name.

1st pics from Twilight author's sci-fi follow-up movie The Host
Trent Moore

With her Twilight series already breaking bookstore and box office records, some new pics from author Stephenie Meyer's latest film project The Host have made it into the wild.

You'd better not say the word Twi-hard in front of Stephenie Meyer
Krystal Clark

It's no secret that the hype surrounding The Twilight Saga is borderline unhealthy. The Team Edward and Team Jacob campaigns along with "Robsten" shippers are just a few antics perpetrated by Twi-hards. But out of all the things to dislike about the fandom, Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer only has one gripe—their name.

Stephenie Meyer teases that there WILL be more Twilight novels

Some of you would run screaming to the bookstore to get your hands on a new Twilight novel, while others of you would just ... run screaming. So this news is only going to satisfy half of you.

Breaking Dawn producers demand: Please stop spoiling our movie!

Seen any leaked pics from Breaking Dawn? The creators of the fourth film in the Twilight franchise are so afraid you will—and that seeing them will spoil your experience of the movie—they've taken the unusual step of issuing a stern warning.