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Stan Lee shares his thoughts on Zendaya as the new Mary Jane

Biracial actress Zendaya has been cast as the white-skinned, red-headed Mary Jane Watson. Stan Lee weighs in on the topic.

Stan Lee chimes in on that shocking Captain America twist

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee shared his thoughts on the controversial twist that has Steve Rogers being a Hydra double agent.

Stan Lee to make his farewell NYCC appearance at this year's event

The iconic Marvel master of ceremonies will make one final appearance at the annual New York Comic-Con.

Stan Lee is making a new female superhero movie, and here's who will star

Though most of his well-known creations are currently getting ready to take on Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, comic legend Stan Lee is still cranking out new superheroes — and his latest is also coming to the big screen.

Read Stan Lee's nuanced take on Michael B. Jordan's Human Torch controversy

Fans have been grumbling and rumbling about Michael B. Jordan’s casting as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot for two years now, but what does the man who created the character think about the change-up?

Marvel celebrates 50 years of Spider-Man by giving him a sidekick

Peter Parker has been more or less a one-man show since his 1962 debut in Amazing Fantasy #15. Tomorrow, in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #692, all that will change.

The startling change to Spider-Man's origin story you never knew

We all know how Spider-Man turned from an "I look out for number one" opportunist into a "with great power comes great responsibility" hero, right? (If not, well, after 50 years, I'm not going to slap a spoiler warning here.) But it was all about Spidey letting a crook get away who later killed his Uncle Ben. For quite a few years, though, Marvel might not have wanted you to think that.

Has Stan Lee's Thor: The Dark World cameo role just been leaked?

If there's one thing we can always count on from a Marvel movie, it's an amusing cameo from Stan "The Man" Lee—so of course we're expecting yet another appearance by Lee in Thor: The Dark World. Stan's cameos are usually kept as secret as possible, but it seems someone tied to the film's London shoot may have spilled some details.

Stan Lee Media just sued Disney for $5.5 billion (Gulp!)

Stan Lee Media Inc. is at it again. First, they wanted all the cash from the box office flop, Conan, and now they're going for, well ... basically everything else Stan Lee has ever created.

Stan Lee will tell his life story in a new comic book memoir

One of comics' biggest names is set to tell the story of his life in a graphic memoir.

Comic legend Stan Lee creating new superhero TV series

Stan Lee is already a living legend, but you definitely can’t accuse the guy of resting on his laurels. Up next? An all-new superhero series for a U.K. network.

Stan Lee brightens 8-year-old autistic boy's day

Stan Lee isn't just the creator of Spider-Man, The Hulk, X-Men and many, many others. He's also a stand-up guy who knows a spider-fan in need of a smile when he sees one.

Stan Lee opens up about the creation of his new illustrated novel The Zodiac Legacy

He might best be known as the man who helped create most of Marvel’s biggest heroes, but Stan Lee is still cranking out new characters all these decades later — and here’s his latest creation.