the amazing spider-man

Here's what Kirsten Dunst thinks of the new Mary Jane Watson
Krystal Clark

It's been five years since Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane Watson—the fiery redhead, who captured Peter Parker's heart. Now, with The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, another actress will fill the character's shoes. How does Ms. Dunst feel about that?

Willem Dafoe knocks the 'cynical' Amazing Spider-Man reboot ... again
Matthew Jackson

Willem Dafoe still hasn't seen The Amazing Spider-Man, but that won't stop him from labeling it a "cynical" money grab.

Whoa! James Franco's brutally honest opinion of Amazing Spider-Man
Krystal Clark

James Franco breaks his silence about The Amazing Spider-Man, revealing what he really thought of the film.

Sparks fly in Garfield and Stone's Amazing Spider-Man screen test
Krystal Clark

The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray's filled with goodies. In the special features, viewers can get a behind the scenes look at how Peter and Gwen came to be. Their casting could make or break the movie. Here's a sneak peek at Andrew Garlfied and Emma Stone's original screen test.

Marc Webb confirms tweaks to Spidey's suit for Spider-Man sequel
Matthew Jackson

Though The Amazing Spider-Man largely impressed moviegoers, there are some Spidey superfans who'd like to see some changes for the forthcoming sequel, including modifications to Peter Parker's iconic Spider-suit. Well, according to director Marc Webb, the suit will indeed be re-tailored, but what exactly is he changing?

It's official: Amazing Spider-Man 2 has found its Harry Osborn
Krystal Clark

Marc Webb has dropped a bomb on us. Today, The Amazing Spider-Man director made a major casting announcement. After weeks of waiting, they've officially found their Harry Osborn.

53 flaws from Amazing Spider-Man exposed in 2-minute video
Krystal Clark

The Amazing Spider-Man wasn't a perfect film. It was mediocre at best, but some think it was downright sinful. A new video has surfaced that points out 53 transgressions that condemn Spider-Man to movie hell.

Which of these 3 actors will be Spider-Man 2's new Harry Osborn?
Krystal Clark

Here's further proof that The Amazing Spider-Man sequel is moving in the Osborn direction. It's been revealed that several actors are in the running to play Norman's son, Harry, replacing James Franco, who filled the role in Sam Raimi's trilogy.

Look who'll probably end up as Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-Man 2
Krystal Clark

Gwen Stacy is getting some competition for Peter Parker's attention. The folks behind The Amazing Spider-Man 2, are bringing in Mary Jane Watson. The perky redhead is arguably Peter/Spider-Man's most famous love interest. See what acclaimed actress could fill her shoes.

17+ mins of deleted scenes reveal the Spider-Man that almost was
Trent Moore

We already knew that a lot of stuff was left on the cutting room floor when director Marc Webb put together the final cut of The Amazing Spider-Man. Now we have a good look at 17+ minutes of footage that got axed. So what's there?

Turns out Spider-Man is already doing better than The Avengers
Matthew Jackson

We still have to wait a day to see The Amazing Spider-Man, but the flick's already open in several overseas markets and it's doing great. How great? Well, in at least one of those markets it managed to top the opening weekend of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Here's the line they wouldn't let Stan Lee speak in Amazing Spider-Man
Matthew Jackson

The Amazing Spider-Man is finally in theaters, and we know all you True Believers will be on the lookout for the traditional cameo by Spidey's co-creator, Stan "The Man" Lee. Lee's definitely in the movie, and while we won't spoil the specifics of his cameo for you, we can tell you there was at least one bit Lee wanted for his appearance that director Marc Webb turned down.

It's now official: Amazing Spider-Man is the 1st film in a trilogy
Don Kaye

We've known for some time that a sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man has already been in the works even before the first movie opened. But now we have official evidence that there is even more Spider-Man on the way.

Researchers say the science behind Spider-Man ain't that far off
Matthew Jackson

We all know Peter Parker's a science nerd, but how realistic are the concepts he's dealing with in The Amazing Spider-Man? After all, a key plot point is a scientist who injects himself with lizard DNA to regrow a limb and becomes a monster instead. Well, according to actual scientists, the lizard monster part might be off, but the rest isn't all that crazy.