the wolverine

Wolverine 3 casts its lead villain
Apr 10, 2016

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine has a new bad guy to deal with in his final screen outing.

Could Sabretooth come back for Wolverine 3?
Mar 2, 2016

An old nemesis might come back to torment Hugh Jackman in his final screen outing as Logan.

What we learned from 1st Wolverine set photos and concept art
Jul 5, 2015

James Mangold's The Wolverine is finally shooting in Australia, and we just got our first peek at under-construction sets and even a bit of concept art. But what do those glimpses tell us about the film's plot?

Whoa! Fox may have 10+ Marvel comic book movies in the works
Jul 4, 2015

Could an X-Force, Deadpool or Cable movie be on the way soon? After seeing the success Marvel has had with The Avengers, the folks at Fox are happy to take a page from their playbook—saying as many as 10 new comic book-based movies could be coming down the pike from the studio.

The Wolverine writer on his inspirations, what he didn't like about the X-Men spinoff
Sep 16, 2014

Aside from one misstep, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has been the glue that holds the X-Men franchise together. Turns out what is arguably his best performance was written by a guy who really doesn’t like superhero movies.

A critical guide to the X-Movies: From X-Men to Days of Future Past
May 23, 2014

Just as the original X-Men comic book was a pioneering title for both Marvel Comics and the art form in general, the film version of the mutants led the charge for today's explosion of superhero films.

Hugh Jackman reveals they have a story for The Wolverine 2
May 9, 2014

Are you guys ready for more Wolverine? Hugh Jackman has more or less confirmed that he and his The Wolverine director, James Mangold, were already working on the next entry in Wolvie's solo movie franchise.

Hugh Jackman teases possible expiration date on playing Wolverine
May 1, 2014

All good things must come to an end, and for Hugh Jackman that means that his days of playing Wolverine may be coming to a close soon.

Logan's classic X-Men gear makes a cameo in unused Wolverine ending
Nov 8, 2013

The theatrical ending to The Wolverine was great, but this — this is just a whole new level of awesome.

Hugh Jackman addresses that rumored $100 million X-Men contract
Aug 16, 2013

So what does Wolverine star Hugh Jackman make of all those rumors he could make $100 million for a four-picture X-Men deal?

Wait, there was almost ANOTHER X-Men cameo in The Wolverine?
Aug 14, 2013

The Wolverine is pretty much entirely about Logan’s journey — but did you know it almost featured another member of the X-Men in a supporting role?

Wolverine comic writer responds to getting ignored in the film's credits
Jul 30, 2013

So what does comic writer Chris Claremont think about The Wolverine flick — especially considering he didn’t even get a shout out in the credits?

12 comic-book movie spinoffs we wish would join The Wolverine
Jul 25, 2013

We’re obviously looking forward to the X-Men spin-off The Wolverine, but we also have a few ideas for some more comic book movie characters who deserve their own flicks.