The Walking Dead

Editors React: Is the Negan arc upon us?
Tara Bennett

Spoiler Alert: The following discusses plot points from Sunday Night's The Walking Dead Season 6 episode, "Always Accountable."

The Walking Dead has found its Negan
Krystal Clark

Negan is coming! Run for your lives! The Walking Dead has cast the survivor's newest nightmare. 

Editors React: Is The Walking Dead stalling a storyline?
Tara Bennett

Two weeks after the unresolved death of a major character, will the series provide answers or leave audiences hanging?

Rumor of the Day: The Walking Dead may have finally found its Negan
Matthew Jackson

Has The Walking Dead finally cast one of its most menacing villains?

Scott Gimple: 'We will see' departed fan favorite again on The Walking Dead
Trent Moore

Fans are still reeling from that shocking twist in last night’s The Walking Dead, but the series’ showrunner has dropped a statement that has us even more confused.