The Walking Dead

New videos highlight the evolution of Rick, Carol and Michonne on The Walking Dead
Nathalie Caron

What's great about The Walking Dead having been around so long is seeing how some of our zombie-apocalypse survivors have evolved over the course of five seasons.

The Walking Dead's Lennie James on finally bringing Morgan into the fold
Trent Moore

It’s ironic to think the character has been around since the pilot and is only now being integrated into the core cast. But Morgan is finally part of the Walking Dead gang. So, how does he fit into Season 6?

Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln on the battle for the soul of Alexandria in Season 6
Trent Moore

The final shot of The Walking Dead’s fifth season didn’t exactly close on a cliffhanger, but it did serve as a fascinating point to pause the narrative — and now we know where savior of the free world Rick Grimes is going next.

The Walking Dead casts fan favorite Paul 'Jesus' Monroe for Season 6
Nathalie Caron

A key player from the pages of Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comics will finally make his appearance in Season 6. Here's who will play the iconic, bearded Jesus Monroe.

Exclusive: The Walking Dead character Season 6 character portraits
Adam Swiderski

Here's a new look at a couple of characters from the upcoming season of AMC's zombie smash.

Robert Kirkman on navigating the Walking Dead comic in Season 6 of the series
Trent Moore

As the man behind both the comic and television versions of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman has a tricky tightrope to walk. As they dig deeper into the mythos, that tightrope is only getting tighter.

The Monster Squad + 11 more genre movies and shows hitting Netflix in September
Matthew Jackson

Every month, Netflix makes changes to its ever-popular Watch Instantly streaming service, and that means that every month some films and shows come, and some films and shows go. So, to help you plan your binge-watching, we give you a heads-up each month about the new sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies and shows hitting the service.

This month, just in time for you to catch up for the new fall premieres, we've got full seasons of Person of InterestGotham and The Walking Dead, along with films like The Monster Squad and Zathura.

New Walking Dead stand-alone episode packs brain-eaters on a plane
Jeff Spry

Better order an extra in-flight cocktail for this terrifying tale of zombie horror at 20,000 feet.

Abraham and Sasha are doing 'something big' in first clip from The Walking Dead Season 6
Trent Moore

With Fear the Walking Dead now officially underway, AMC used the buzzy premiere night to debut the first clip from the flagship series’ return.

Fear The Walking Dead very much alive, premiere ratings make cable TV history
Trent Moore

Fans have spent the past several years getting to know the likes of Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes, and the big question was how many people would tune in for a Walking Dead series without the main cast. Turns out, a lot.