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That epic Japan vs USA giant robot battle is on for August

It's official! The international monster mech maul is scheduled to take place this summer.

Star Wars “superlaser”: from fiction to science

With a new method of laser conversion, a seemingly sci-fi era of high-powered beams is upon us.

How ancient observations could prevent a global blackout

Ancient eyewitness accounts of aurorae may help us predict the next solar storm.

Your space weather forecast: Proxima B

Weird weather could help astronomers understand the stellar phenomenon behind it.

World's largest dinosaur footprint discovered in Australia

Think you've got big feet? Check out this colossal sauropod footprint!

First human head transplant coming this winter and it's as wild as it sounds

An Italian neurosurgeon is planning the first-ever human head swap in December.

Beating human heart tissue can be grown on spinach leaves

Scientists at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have discovered how to grow human heart cells using spinach.

Nuclear spacecraft fuel could really blast off soon

Plutonium 238 production may send potential space missions rocketing into the future.

Check out this frightening test firing of the Navy's new EM railgun

Feel the mighty power of the military's devastating new futuristic toy.

Will our moon join the planet club?
Mar 27, 2017

If one scientist’s proposal is convincing enough, we could be looking at the planet Luna.

Undead astro-photos are being reanimated—by you
Mar 27, 2017

With Astronomy Rewind, you could be in on the next big cosmic discovery.