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Why Earth once sang a song of ice and fire

Jon Snow knows nothing about how the phenomenon of Snowball Earth is now thought to have occurred—and what it could mean for our future. 

What Earth's oldest fossils could mean in the search for extraterrestrial life

Things crawling around on ancient earth could be a clue for whether there was ever life outside our planet.

Matrix-style brain stimulation tech being tested to teach real-world skills

One of the coolest things about The Matrix was the way Neo and the gang could simply download new skills and abilities with the press of a button. Now ... what if that were actually (kind of) possible?

Matter vs. antimatter: we're starting to solve the mystery

We're just a baryon closer to finding out why we exist thanks to a recent study at the Large Hadron Collider.

We're sending a spacecraft to the sun. That's hot.

NASA's Solar Probe Plus is getting closer to the sun than anything launched from Earth, ever.

Scientists moving ahead with research to resurrect the dead with stem cells

A U.S. biotech company is preparing to start experiments using stem cells to try to stimulate 20 brain-dead patients back to life. And no, this isn't an elevator pitch for a sci-fi horror film.

Behold the world's first Braille smartwatch

The Dot Smartwatch is a strap-on wristwatch that operates with four sets of six balls which raise and lower magnetically, allowing it to display four Braille characters at a time to be used as a timekeeper, timer, stopwatch and alarm.

Scientists can now examine exploding stars under a microscope

Researchers at MSU are re-creating rare isotope reactions from novae and supernovae on an infinitesimal scale.

Winston Churchill found it hard to believe we are alone in the universe
Feb 16, 2017

One of the 20th century's greatest figures was convinced other planets might harbor life.

Could we be living in a holographic universe?
Feb 9, 2017

Theoretical physicists are determined to prove that holographic theory may unravel everything we recognize as reality.

Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye walk the catwalk in space-themed fashion show
Feb 4, 2017

"I've walked on the moon, so how hard can it be to walk in a fashion show?"