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Why genius Stephen Hawking is still scared of humans making alien contact

Stephen Hawking is a pretty smart guy, so when he starts musing about humanity’s place in the universe, it’s a pretty good idea to listen. Turns out, he worries humanity might be woefully unprepared when our future alien overlords arrive.

This weird song composed by a computer could be the start of an AI uprising

Have a listen to Daddy's Car, a creepy song created entirely by an artificial intelligence software.

Kickstarter campaign smashes goal for vinyl edition of Carl Sagan's Voyager Golden Record

Voyager's legendary gold phonograph record will be pressed into a limited-edition album for collectors!

New Horizons researchers reveal how Pluto's signature heart was formed

A new research report reveals the mystery behind the dwarf planet's huge heart sector.

The Great Attractor could mean a fatal attraction. Or not.

Will Earth be the next victim of a gargantuan gravitational monster?

New theory proposes real-life Genesis Device that could make alien worlds habitable

The more we peer into the cosmos, the more obvious it becomes that Earth is a very rare little marble. But what if we could turn a semi-habitable planet into an Earth clone?

Two asteroids buzzed by Earth the past two months, and we never saw them coming

You never know just how close we come to oblivion every day, and it turns out we’ve had a few too many close calls the past few months.

See Juno's first jaw-dropping images of Jupiter's turbulent southern auroras

Here's the newest close-up sounds and images of the gas giant from NASA's Juno spacecraft.

Study shows Superman's lame disguise of just wearing glasses could actually work

One of the hardest things to believe about Superman is the fact that no one recognizes him solely because he wears glasses while off duty. Turns out, that disguise might actually work a lot better than you’d think.

Terrifyingly toothy new species of pterosaur found in South America

Here's a new crazy-looking flying reptile that could provide clues into the wonders of winged dinosaurs.

Turns out that mysterious signal SETI found is almost certainly not aliens

Researchers at SETI were (very) cautiously optimistic about a mysterious new signal that could’ve come from extraterrestrials a few star systems away — but it seems the much more likely explanation is the right one.

Bill Nye headed back to television with science, pop culture talk show on Netflix

If you’ve been jonesing to have The Science Guy back on TV, we have some good news for you.

Scientists working on real-life 'hibernation' tech to send future colonists to Mars

It’s been a staple of science fiction for decades, and now scientists are looking into the viability of real-life stasis technology that could be the missing link to exploring our solar system.