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Astronomers believe a Jersey-sized asteroid created the Man in the Moon

Scientists have a new theory on exactly what helped form the famous face-like lunar crater.

NASA institute to study health effects of space travel, how to protect astronauts

From visual impairment to muscle atrophy, we’re starting to get a good understanding of the problems prolonged space travel can cause to the human body. But, we still don’t really know much about how to address them.

Meteorite opal could mean water crashed to Earth

Astronomers have found a real gem of a meteorite that once sent water shooting through space.

How supernovae from nearby stars could cause mass extinction on Earth

As if we little humans didn’t have enough to worry about with potential asteroid strikes and nuclear war, it seems there’s one more thing to add to the list: supernovae from nearby star systems.

Tokyo robotics lab demonstrates artificial muscles on a human skeleton

Keep doing your cardio in case this experimental robo-skeleton chases you down!

Prolonged space travel is causing vision-impairment problems for astronauts

From deadly radiation to muscle atrophy, space travel already includes some major challenges when it comes to actually keeping humans alive and healthy. Well, it looks like we could have one more problem to solve before we load up and start exploring the stars.

Anthropologists now believe Neanderthals were cannibals who used bones for tools

The debate has raged for the better part of a century, but now it seems we might finally have some proof that Neanderthals really were cannibals who ate one another. 

It might be a whole lot harder than we thought to find usable water on Mars

Initially, scientists believed our best shot at finding water on Mars would likely come at the planet’s ice caps. Then they thought there could be some surface water much easier to tap into. But now ... it looks like we might have to aim back at the ice caps. 

A team of Harvard researchers built a living, robot stingray out of rat hearts

Sure, robots are a dime a dozen these days — but what about a living stingray built from rat hearts? Yeah, this Harvard team has you covered.

Image of the Day: Heavenly lightning storm over the Pacific Ocean

Check out this illuminating image of a turbulent storm below a jet airliner at cruising altitude.

Scientists just discovered an ultra-rare planet in a triple-star system

It seems the universe will never cease to amaze, and now scientists have found a star system unlike anything they thought possible.

The odds of alien life on Saturn's moon Titan just got even better

Scientists have always been hopeful that Saturn’s moon Titan might harbor signs of alien life, and it seems the odds have only gotten better with some new findings.

These cute 6-wheeled robotic delivery trucks begin testing in Europe

Need a pizza pronto?  These robo delivery wagons might shuttle it to you piping hot.

Scientists developing formula to determine how often life will emerge in the universe

A team of scientists is developing a new equation designed to determine the chances of life existing elsewhere in the universe.