Hottest & Best: Slave Leia stuns, DC Comics kills and more
Feb 24, 2013

This weeks edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments has both bikinis AND romance!

Hottest & Best: Star Wars, Firefly watercolors & Shatner slams J.J.
Feb 17, 2013

The hottest stories have risen to the top. And there are some great comments, too.

Hottest & Best: Cap casts a hottie, comics reign (and sue) & more
Feb 10, 2013

You've clicked. You've commented. Here's the Hottest Stories and Best Comments from the past seven days.

Hottest & Best: Real-life Iron Man, J.J. joins Star Wars & more!
Jan 26, 2013

It's a new week of Hottest Stories and Best Comments on a redesigned Blastr!

Hot & Best: Wash lives! Kraken lives! Geordi's Jheri curl!
Jan 22, 2013

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments challenges (with science) Wash's grim fate in Serenity, looks at real-life pictures of a real-life giant squid, considers how J.R.R. Tolkien's son dislikes Jackson's films, checks out early ST:TNG test footage ... and mourns the loss of a Trek fan whose last wish was to see Into Darkness. For stories that will both move and shake you, click through.

Hot & Best: Illegal WoW, adorable Day, geeky White House
Jan 22, 2013

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments compiles That Which Was Recently Declared Awesome (by you): China's illegal World of Warcraft theme park, gender-bender Avengers, and a look down memory lane for Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.

Hot & Best: Sexy + horrific cosplayers, Lucas + Disney, & more!
Jan 14, 2013

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments mashes up the wonderful with the wonderful, such as: sexy + horrific cosplayers, Disney + Lucasfilm, BSG hotties + charity calendar, and cats + Halloween. Also, the countdown begins for The Hobbit and A Game of Thrones! (I'm a grown man, but I might've just "squee'd" a little. Forgive me.) Click through now for the best in + action!

Hottest & Best: Halo 4, new BSG, Star Wars rumors, T5 & more!
Jan 14, 2013

Whew! What a week! This edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments left us exhausted. (In a good way.) We're overjoyed at any and all of the following that we reported on, namely: Halo 4 concept pics, more BSG, Star Wars rumors (and gags), Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Arrow's Huntress, G.I. Joe's new trailer, T5 teasers, and The Rock hulking out for Halloween! If you, too, wish to be exhausted by a copious amount of SF awesomeness, then by all means: Get to clickin'!

Hottest & Best: SF gifts, Iron Man pics, Star Trek news & more!
Jan 14, 2013

As we enter the gift-giving season, this week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments proves you're in the holiday spirit! Click through for dozens and dozens of great gifts for the science-fiction lover in your life, see Tony Stark's broke-ass mask, read the new Trek synopsis, spy on a real-life fairy room ... and check out our big ol' black hole. (It's the biggest and the darkest you've ever seen!) Happy December!

Hot & Best: Superman, Star Trek, S.H.I.E.L.D. & seasonal gifts!
Jan 14, 2013

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments has returned with a special visit from The Man of Steel, great reads for...

Hottest & Best: Trek, Who, Stark, Fringe, Joss & more!
Jan 14, 2013

This week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments is like a beautifully wrapped gift, complete with a science-fictional bow, that you can open whenever you want. If you tear into it now, you'll find Supes' underwear; new pics from Fringe, Who, Iron Man 3 and Trek; Whedon's Avengers' wish-list; Abrams in 3D; a real-life package sent to Dr. Jones ("we named the dog 'Indiana'"); and ... oh yeah, we'll probably piss you off with 25 sci-fi images. Happy holidays from Blastr!

Hot & Best: Top 5 worst sci-fi flicks, Whedon talks Buffy, & more!
Jan 14, 2013

As the year comes to a close, we have once more gathered the Hottest Stories and the Best Comments from the final week of the final month of 2012. Before Baby New Year arrives crying and whining, we leave you with the Worst Sci-Fi Flicks of All Time; Whedon discussing Buffy; Peter Peter gets [redacted]; and pics for the new Mad Max, Catwoman concepts, a handy-dandy Trek officer chart and more! Happy New Year from Blastr! See you in 2013!

Hot & Best: Great SF gifts, fighting robots, side boob & more!
Jan 14, 2013

The temperatures are dropping outside, but it's heating up in here with the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week's installment features great holiday gifts (for Whedon fans!, for DVD fans!, for Whovians!), Star Wars film updates (and snowflakes), superhero Twinkies, Sackhoff's side boobage in Riddick, fighting robots on Syfy, and, oh yeah ... Curiosity (kindasortamaybe) discovered life on Mars. For all these stories and more: Click through now!

Hot & Best: SF Mad, zombie-killing ladies & shadowy Mars
Dec 17, 2012

Strange and wonderful things are afoot, and this week's edition of Hottest Stories and Best Comments is here to prove it. Click through to see 60 years of sci-fi spoofed on Mad, 11 custom geeked-out coffins (for the fan who had it all), kick-ass zombie-killing ladies, a real-life time traveler (note: caveat emptor on this one, folks), Ron Moore discuss new Trek and ... just WTF are those black, spidery things on Mars?