Pacific Rim

Guy makes Pacific Rim-style exoskeleton out of LEGOs in his bedroom
Trent Moore

Sure, we already have exoskeleton tech that can mimic the concepts we’ve seen in movies like Pacific Rim — but have you ever seen a guy pull off that technical feat with LEGOs and a cellphone in his bedroom?

All-new Jaegers, all-new Kaiju in first look at del Toro's new Pacific Rim comic
Trent Moore

Along with that upcoming sequel film and animated series, Guillermo del Toro has one more Pacific Rim project on the way.


Del Toro reveals returning characters, time jump for Pacific Rim sequel
Trent Moore

Guillermo del Toro made us all geek out with Pacific Rim, but it sounds like he’s cooking up something a lot bigger than robots vs. monsters for the sequel.


Del Toro hopes to use Pacific Rim 2 to set up a trilogy (+ first sequel poster!)
Trent Moore

After barely getting a sequel to Pacific Rim off the ground, director Guillermo del Toro is already cooking up plans for a full-fledged trilogy. You’ve got to respect the ambition.

Guillermo del Toro teases the 'new journey' we'll see in Pacific Rim 2
Trent Moore

There’s hardly a film that can rival Pacific Rim when it comes to pure, fist-pumping fun. So what does Guillermo del Toro have planned for the sequel?

Del Toro reveals 1st details on that upcoming Pacific Rim animated series
Trent Moore

Wrapped up in the announcement that Guillermo del Toro is making a sequel to Pacific Rim, the director also revealed a nifty animated series that’ll bridge the gap between the films.

Del Toro promises 'very different' Pacific Rim 2, teases animated series
Trent Moore

Now that we’re officially getting a sequel to Pacific Rim, we’re keen to hear what Guillermo del Toro has to say about his plans for the followup ... and the animated series.

It's official: Pacific Rim 2 is a go!
Don Kaye

After months of speculation, a sequel to Pacific Rim is confirmed -- and it even has a release date.

Del Toro teaming with Avengers co-writer for 'very different' Pacific Rim 2
Trent Moore

Though it was just a modest hit in the U.S., del Toro’s sci-fi epic Pacific Rim pulled in solid box-office totals internationally — meaning it could still get a sequel.