The Mummy

Universal wants Tom Cruise to kick off its monsterverse with The Mummy
Matthew Jackson

The first new film in Universal's shared monster movie universe may finally have its star.

Universal's monster movie brain trust on how their universe will fit together
Matthew Jackson

Universal is still rebuilding its monster movie universe, and we're getting a clearer picture of how they're doing it.

Alex Kurtzman on The Mummy, building a shared Universal Monsters universe
Trent Moore

The new, shared Universal Monsters universe is set to start in earnest with The Mummy in 2017, and producer Alex Kurtzman has opened up about what we can expect from the modern-day horror adventure.

These are the writers Universal's trusting to revive their monster movies
Matthew Jackson

Universal has assembled a writers' room to tackle its monster universe revival, and here's who'll be in it.

Universal developing a new Wolf Man movie that will follow 2016's The Mummy
Trent Moore

Dracula Untold unofficially kicked things off, but Universal’s new monster universe begins in earnest with 2016’s The Mummy — and now we know what’s coming after that.

Rumor of the Day: Here's the (supposed) plot of Kurtzman's modern-day Mummy reboot
Trent Moore

Though Dracula Untold was technically shoehorned into Universal's plan for a unified monster-verse, the upcoming Mummy reboot should be our first real peek at the master plan.

Dracula Untold may unofficially launch Universal 'Monsterverse'
Don Kaye

The upcoming Dracula origin story may secretly be the doorway to Universal Pictures' shared universe of monsters.

Writer/producer Alex Kurtzman could be directing The Mummy
Carol Pinchefsky

The Mummy will be the first salvo in Universal's monstrous cinematic universe.

Universal taps a new team to reboot its classic monster universe
Matthew Jackson

Universal Pictures has an ambitious new plan to reboot the world of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy and friends, and they've found the guys to lead the way.

Van Helsing! The Mummy! Orci teases Marvel-esque universe of monster movies
Trent Moore

We heard a while back that Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were rebooting Van Helsing and The Mummy — but it sounds like they have a lot more than just a reboot in the works.

15 gorgeous horror movie posters that sold for terrifying price tags
Krystal Clark

Classic movie posters don't come cheap. These days, a rare print can cost more than a car or even a house. Don't believe us? Take a look.