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Doctor Doom suits up as a hero(?) in first look at Infamous Iron Man

With Tony Stark seemingly hanging up his armor in the wake of Civil War II, it’ll take at least two ironclad heroes to fill the void. Now we have our first look at the more evil option.

Marvel's Civil War II event just took one heck of a twist with Miles Morales

The world of Marvel Comics has been tearing itself apart the past few months as part of Civil War II, and the latest installment features one of the most WTF twists yet. So what’s up?

She-Hulk is taking over Marvel's Hulk 'book, and all the baggage that comes with it

The big ol’ Civil War II event has created a few vacancies in the Marvel Comics lineup, but now we know how at least one flagship book will be filled.

New Hawkeye writer on telling a 'Veronica Mars with superheroes' tale via Kate Bishop

Marvel Comics is revamping its line in the wake of Civil War II, and the other Hawkeye will finally be getting her own solo series. Enter: Kate Bishop.

First look at Marvel Comics' Clone Conspiracy brings back a Spider-Man fan favorite

Marvel Comics has been doing the legwork to set up the Clone Conspiracy for a while, and now we finally have a look at Amazing Spider-Man’s big new comic arc.

Black Panther's Ta-Nehisi Coates on the challenge of making Wakanda relevant again

If you haven’t been reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther comic run, you should be. It’s complicated, political, smart and ambitious. But it also has some heavy lifting to do when it comes to Wakanda.

First look at Marvel Comics’ latest superhero spinoff series Mosaic

Marvel Comics is gearing up for the debut of the new superhero series Mosaic, and now we have a first look at the new Inhuman hero.

Joe Quesada on how comics still drive the massive Marvel machine

It’s amazing what Marvel has managed to do over the past decade — the studio built a box-office and television juggernaut, all without having access to most of its biggest characters. So, how’d they do it? They never forgot where the Marvel Universe’s bread is buttered.

Things are not going well for Jessica Jones in first look at Marvel Comics revival

It’s been a long time coming, and fresh off her hit Netflix series, Jessica Jones is finally getting her own solo comic book (again).

Marvel announces 5 STEAM variant covers to get readers interested in science
Aug 22, 2016

Marvel Comics has released five new STEAM variant covers in an attempt to promote some interest from their readers for mathematics and the sciences.

Marvel Comics expands, delays its hero vs. hero Civil War II event
Aug 16, 2016

Marvel’s ongoing Civil War II comic event has already brought about some seismic shifts to the comic universe, but now the saga is getting a little bigger (and longer).

Occupy Avengers writer on what to expect from Marvel Comics' politically-charged new series
Aug 15, 2016

Marvel Comics is getting ready to relaunch a whole lot of its lineup in the wake of Civil War II, and now we have some fresh intel on what to expect from the unique Occupy Avengers run set to ramp up this fall.