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Marvel just killed off an A-list Avenger in the latest issue of Civil War II

Marvel hasn’t been pulling any punches with its latest event series in Civil War II, and the latest issue pits Avenger vs. Avenger with a huge, shocking death. 

The original Thor finally returns in new Marvel Comic series Unworthy Thor

Marvel’s flagship Mighty Thor comic has had Jane Foster wielding the hammer for a while now, but the original Odinson is about to make a comeback. Just don’t expect him to reclaim that Mjolnir anytime soon.

It's Inhumans vs. mutants as Cyclops returns in Marvel Comics' Death of X event

The post-Secret Wars universe has proven an interesting place for the X-Men and Inhumans, as the mutants find themselves on the verge of extinction due to the Terrigen cloud that is knocking them off and creating new Inhumans by the day. But it seems all that bad blood is about to come to a head.

Anna Kendrick is up for playing Marvel's Squirrel Girl, and would probably kill it

Though the X-Men and Fantastic Four might’ve been sold off before the studio gained steam, Marvel still has a boatload of great characters sitting on the shelf — and it’s high time Squirrel Girl finally got her shot.

Brian Michael Bendis breaks down that shocking death in Civil War II

It might have the same name, but Marvel Comics’ Civil War II event is a very different animal than the Captain America sequel that just blew up the box office. So, what does the guy writing it have to say about the central death at the heart of the conflict?

Joe Quesada confirms rights to Namor, The Sub-Mariner back with Marvel

Namor officially returns to his rightful birthplace at the House of Ideas.

Brian Michael Bendis on art imitating life, balancing sides in Marvel Comics' Civil War II

Fresh off the big-screen hit based on the original run, Marvel Comics officially launched Civil War II this week. So, how hard is it to write a story that literally pits hero against hero?

Captain America: Steve Rogers writer on what's next for the newly re-powered hero

After being de-powered and turned into an old man in Marvel Comics continuity, Steve Rogers passed his shield to Sam Wilson, who has been holding down the fort in his stellar own, stellar standalone ‘book. But now, Steve has his mojo back — and he’s about to get a comic series back, too.

Marvel Comics unleashes a trailer for their upcoming Civil War II storyline

In the wake of some tantalizing Civil War II preview pages, Marvel Entertainment has released a trailer for the epic comic-book event.

Choose your side with new preview for Marvel Comics' Civil War II

You can’t stop the powers of corporate synergy, and Marvel is keen to bring a whole new Civil War to the comic realm — though it’ll be a good bit different than the one on the big screen next month.