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Brian Michael Bendis breaks down that shocking death in Civil War II

It might have the same name, but Marvel Comics’ Civil War II event is a very different animal than the Captain America sequel that just blew up the box office. So, what does the guy writing it have to say about the central death at the heart of the conflict?

Joe Quesada confirms rights to Namor, The Sub-Mariner back with Marvel

Namor officially returns to his rightful birthplace at the House of Ideas.

Brian Michael Bendis on art imitating life, balancing sides in Marvel Comics' Civil War II

Fresh off the big-screen hit based on the original run, Marvel Comics officially launched Civil War II this week. So, how hard is it to write a story that literally pits hero against hero?

Captain America: Steve Rogers writer on what's next for the newly re-powered hero

After being de-powered and turned into an old man in Marvel Comics continuity, Steve Rogers passed his shield to Sam Wilson, who has been holding down the fort in his stellar own, stellar standalone ‘book. But now, Steve has his mojo back — and he’s about to get a comic series back, too.

Marvel Comics unleashes a trailer for their upcoming Civil War II storyline

In the wake of some tantalizing Civil War II preview pages, Marvel Entertainment has released a trailer for the epic comic-book event.

Choose your side with new preview for Marvel Comics' Civil War II

You can’t stop the powers of corporate synergy, and Marvel is keen to bring a whole new Civil War to the comic realm — though it’ll be a good bit different than the one on the big screen next month.

Frank Castle is back in new preview pages from The Punisher's comic relaunch

Fresh off his small screen debut in Daredevil’s second season, Marvel is getting ready to bring The Punisher back to the comic panel with a brand new series.

Whedon returns to Marvel Comics, reunites with Cassaday for new Captain America story

Along with his seminal work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wonder-geek Joss Whedon has also left a mark on the comic side of Marvel’s empire. Now he’s making a return trip for a brand new Captain America story.

Exclusive She-Hulk image from Marvel Comics' Civil War II event

Can’t get enough of the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War? Of course you can’t. Neither can we. But Hero vs. Hero won’t just be coming to a theater near you this summer.

T'Challa takes on politics, terrorists in new preview for Marvel's Black Panther solo series

With Black Panther taking a prominent role in the rebooted Marvel Comics universe, not to mention his big-screen debut in Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa is finally getting a solo series truly worthy of a king.