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NASA and Coach team up for a galactic fashion collection

What everyone will be wearing on that first commercial flight to Mars.

Made in Space wants to 3D-print a spacecraft—in space

Archinaut is a revolutionary new technology that will rocket 3D printing into the final frontier.

This immense 'Styrofoam' planet could help solve a huge mystery

KELT-11b has the density of Styrofoam, which may help explain extremely inflated exoplanets.

NASA wants someone to 3D-print a Mars habitat

3D printing tech could be the answer to colonizing the Red Planet.

How to die on Mars, according to one scientist

If the killer radiation doesn’t annihilate you, something else will. 

Don't panic: a mass extinction supernova is still further away than we thought

Even at half its estimated distance, the supernova nearest to us is nowhere near the kill zone.

Why the moon could be a galactic goldmine

Elusive resources are making futuristic startups see dollar signs on the moon.

Ridley Scott doesn't think aliens will come in peace

The Alien director may disagree with SETI on a few things, but he may be eerily right about one.


Could we Earthlings be polluting other planets?

While we don’t yet know if there’s life on Mars, life on Earth could pose a potential threat.

Why we need drones on Mars

Because rovers can’t fly, there’s a drone for that.

This is how SETI plans to find alien life by 2037

Supercharged technology and artificial intelligence may just pick up signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. 

NASA shoots for the moon as launchpad for future Mars missions

The Deep Space Gateway sounds like something out of The Jetsons, but could be the ultimate lunar test site.

Venus reveals a provocative new mystery

Volcanoes on the Venusian surface may mirror phenomena on the early Earth.