NASA engineer on the biggest challenge in building a spacesuit for Mars
Trent Moore

Though most of the attention is on the potential ships, rockets and habitats needed to get us to Mars, NASA engineer Amy Ross is focused on a different part of the equation: Namely, what we’ll wear when we get there.

New spacecraft exploring the Solar System for rare-element asteroids to mine
Trent Moore

Along with the obvious goal of expanding humanity beyond our own corner of the galaxy, space exploration brings another very practical use — mining. Specifically, metals and elements that can be rare on Earth.

Behold the newest wave of wondrous New Horizons Pluto images
Jeff Spry

Marvel at more close-up shots from New Horizons' historic flyby mission.

Smithsonian launches Kickstarter to 'reboot' Neil Armstrong’s Apollo spacesuit
Trent Moore

Smithsonian launches Kickstarter to ‘reboot’ Neil Armstrong’s Apollo spacesuit

New ESA chief proposes building a full-fledged human village on the moon
Trent Moore

There’s a new head of the European Space Agency, and after just two weeks on the job, he’s bringing some ambitious ideas to the table. First up: A human village on the moon.

Behold NASA's second batch of mind-blowing Pluto images from New Horizons
Jeff Spry

Here are the latest other-worldly offerings from New Horizons' monumental mission.

New Horizons' first fantastic flyby images of Pluto and Charon
Jeff Spry

NASA delivers two jaw-dropping shots of Pluto and its main moon that mankind has never seen before!

Watch Stephen Colbert chat up Neil deGrasse Tyson about all the latest Pluto news
Trent Moore

If you need an update on the Pluto situation, don’t worry, because Stephen Colbert and Neil DeGrasse Tyson are here to help.

Listen to the lonely, spooky sounds of Mars recorded by NASA's Opportunity rover
Trent Moore

NASA has published an extremely cool video compilation of the Opportunity Rover’s journey, but the coolest thing might just be that haunting soundtrack.

Saturate yourself in Milky Way stars with this stunning Spitzer Space Telescope video
Jeff Spry

With NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft set to swing past Pluto early tomorrow morning, here's a stirring composite video of our Milky Way to get you in a nebulous sort of mood.

Why hibernating bears could hold the secret to human deep space exploration
Jeff Spry

While bears may be best at back-scratching, fish-swallowing and frightening picknickers, it's the nature of their hibernation that has NASA and medical scientists intrigued.

Though equipped with opposable thumbs and abstract thought, human beings don''t fare well on long space voyages and tend to experience severe muscle atrophy and bone density loss after prolonged cosmic excursions.  But researchers are now turning to the Ursus universe for answers as to how future astronauts may be able to make their missions more "bearable."  

NASA announces the new astronaut pilots training to get the U.S. back into space
Matthew Jackson

NASA just made a major announcement that will hopefully change the future of American spaceflight.