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Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars, no terraforming required
Jun 16, 2017

The mogul’s high-flying vision is to turn a million of us into Martians.

Why Mars may have supported life for a long time, a long time ago
Jun 11, 2017

Martian water may have not evaporated as quickly as its forbidding landscape leads us to believe.

What if you suddenly get sick…in space?
Jun 9, 2017

Because there are no alien ambulances on call.

Could we really be living in a cosmic void?
Jun 9, 2017

Escape is futile, because we’re already in one. 

This scorching exoplanet is hotter than most stars
Jun 8, 2017

There is no air conditioning for temperatures up to 7,800 degrees.

The universe is flat. Says science.
Jun 8, 2017

Proof is in the cosmic microwave background. 

We just made a (really tiny) black hole by accident
Jun 8, 2017

This is what happens when subatomic particles have minds of their own.

Is this how aliens communicate?
Jun 7, 2017

E.T. could be phoning home with radio waves, energy propulsion or even subatomic particles.

NASA is going to get up close and personal with neutron stars
Jun 6, 2017

We know those beams aren’t coming from aliens, but now we want to know more.

Why black holes may really be holes. Or not.
Jun 5, 2017

Could a new study prove that what we call black holes aren’t just massive invisible orbs?

Proof that planets are more like stars than we thought
Jun 4, 2017

OTS44 defies theory with its peculiarly astral accretion disk.

The super-telescope we’ve been waiting for is finally taking off
Jun 3, 2017

ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope is starting construction, and in this case, size matters. 

Could this cosmic anomaly mean a multiverse exists?
Jun 2, 2017

There is a bizarre cold spot in space that is merging science fiction with theoretical physics.