Man Of Steel figures give 1st good look at Zod's Kryptonian suit

Though we haven't really seen him in action yet, today we finally get a glimpse at the Kryptonian wardrobe of Man of Steel's Zod, courtesy of a sneak peek at some new toys.

Warner Brothers to make Lego movie

Warner Brothers and producer Roy Lee are developing a movie based on the Lego toy line.

Collector's Corner: Godzilla, Titanfall + 10 more cool collectibles

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LEGO just officially became the biggest toy company on the planet

Between the awesome LEGO Movie and a never-ending array of special sets, it seems like LEGOs are everywhere these days. Apparently there’s a good reason for that.

Serenity, Enterprise + 9 more mini spaceships made from old computer parts

Check out these amazing upcycled starships reborn from techno-junk.

Winter Soldier toys, soundtrack hint at MAJOR spoiler for Cap sequel

The promotional machine surrounding the modern-day blockbuster has been known to spoil some major plot points, and Winter Soldier just dropped a big one.

While the wait for Guardians of the Galaxy continues, check out its really cool action figures

The final quality of Marvel's big superheroes-in-space gamble is, as of yet, unknown, but it has already produced some pretty rad toys.

Even Peter Capaldi's first action figure doesn't reveal his Who costume

Peter Capaldi's officially got a toy likeness of himself, now, but it still doesn't reveal the Twelfth Doctor's new threads.