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Image of the Day: First look at Captain America's 13ft bronze statue

The kid from Brooklyn has been immortalized in bronze by Comicave Studios with a 13-foot statue that will first be unveiled at this week’s SDCC before traveling east across the country and landing in his hometown of Brooklyn in August.

John McTiernan says Captain America and comic book movies are made by 'fascists'

Predator and Die Hard director John McTiernan had some pretty harsh things to say regarding the recent wave of comic book movies in Hollywood. Here's what he said.

Captain America is turning 75, and he's getting a 13-foot bronze statue

We all know Steve Rogers is just a kid from Brooklyn but Captain America is turning 75 this year. And to celebrate his birthday, he’s getting his own statue.

This newsreel trailer is the closest we'll get to seeing Peggy Carter as Captain America

This year, Marvel is celebrating Captain America’s 75th anniversary and, as part of these celebrations, Marvel’s game division will be adding six new variations of the Super Soldier. One of them? Peggy Carter.

Stan Lee chimes in on that shocking Captain America twist

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee shared his thoughts on the controversial twist that has Steve Rogers being a Hydra double agent.

Huge Marvel Comics twist changes Captain America forever, and you might not like it

Sure, Sam Wilson might still have the shield, but the “real” Captain America is officially back in action today with the launch of Marvel Comics’ Captain America: Steve Rogers. But this is not the flag-waving adventure you might have expected.

Marvel celebrates Captain America's 75th birthday with a year of Jim Steranko covers

It's Captain America's 75th birthday, and one of comics' greatest creators is joining Marvel Comics to celebrate.

Chris Evans hints at how long he'll play Captain America

The man who has embodied Cap on the screen for the last half decade has some thoughts on how long he'll wield the shield.

Why director Joe Russo calls Captain America: Civil War a 'love story'

While the first Captain America was more of an action-adventure film and the sequel was a good old-fashioned political thriller, Cap's third solo movie is said to be something else entirely. 

Whedon returns to Marvel Comics, reunites with Cassaday for new Captain America story

Along with his seminal work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wonder-geek Joss Whedon has also left a mark on the comic side of Marvel’s empire. Now he’s making a return trip for a brand new Captain America story.

Superstar Jim Steranko on his new Captain America cover and the First Avenger's 75th anniversary

Here's the upcoming Captain America cover from one of comic-book royalty's most visionary artists.