Captain America

No more retirement rumors: Chris Evans wants to stay Captain America
Matthew Jackson

If Marvel wants to keep its First Avenger, Chris Evans seems more than happy to stick around.

Is this how Marvel’s heroes will be divided in Captain America: Civil War?
Trent Moore

The upcoming Captain America flick Civil War is set to cut a divide right in the middle of Marvel’s superhero roster, and a new report claims to know which heroes end up on which sides.

Want a role in Captain America 2? Here's how to make it happen
Dany Roth

Ever since the title for the Captain America sequel, Winter Soldier, was announced, people have been very excited to see it. But what if you could do one better? What if you could be in it? Looks like, if you've got the scratch, you can make that dream come true.

Say farewell to Hostess with 10 weird superhero ads from the '70s
Dany Roth

You may have heard that Hostess has gone out of business. Truly, a great tragedy which has torn America asunder. But leave us not to mourn our losses, true believers, but rather, remember the good old times by reading comics about superheroes eating Ho-Ho's!

The Super Bowl's best and worst sci-fi movie and TV trailers
Carol Pinchefsky

For some of us, which teams were on the field last night was only the SECOND most important thing about the Super Bowl. What's more important is that outside of Comic-Con, Super Bowl Sunday's the best time to catch the most awesome (and not so awesome) trailers for Hollywood's blockbuster movies and TV shows.

Marvel delays release of Thor, Captain America, Avengers

Marvel Studios pushed back the release date of Thor, Captain America and The Avengers.

Captain America writers consulting with Whedon on Cap sequel
Matthew Jackson

Marvel's Captain America sequel isn't set to hit theaters until 2014, after The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and more have already expanded and shifted the Marvel film universe. But Captain America: The First Avenger writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are already outlining their sequel plans, and they're using Joss Whedon's The Avengers script as a guideline.

Why badass Samuel L. Jackson says Avengers is his film

The man who plays Nick Fury says that he'll appear in several Marvel films leading up to The Avengers.

It's Captain America against Iron Man in first official piece of Civil War promo art
Nathalie Caron

There are dark days ahead when the infamous Superhero Registration Act will pit Steve Rogers against Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War.

Watch the alternate Captain America: The Winter Soldier opening sequence in animatic form
Nathalie Caron

Last summer's tentpole movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier almost opened on a radically different alternate scene. Have a look at what might have been.