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Spielberg reveals the one thing that won’t happen in the next Indiana Jones film

Harrison Ford might be in his early 70s, but as Star Wars: The Force Awakens proved, the veteran action star still has some gas left in the tank. So what is director Steven Spielberg planning for Indy’s next outing?

Frank Marshall says they won't do the 'Bond thing' by recasting Indy for the new movie

Looks like rumors of Indiana Jones being recast with Chris Pratt a younger actor may have been greatly exaggerated.

Those recent confusing comments about Indy 5? Spielberg explains

Remember a few weeks ago when Spielberg told us all that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's lame premise was all George Lucas' fault? Well, now the pair seems to be on the same page for a fifth Indiana Jones flick, and Spielberg has even said they've "already agreed on the genre." Huh?

Celebrate geek love with these 23 awesome sci-fi wedding rings

As a fellow geek, who wouldn't want to adorn our other-half with an engagement ring or wear a set of wedding bands that not only celebrates our love for each other but also the fandom that unite us?

Is Indiana Jones not in Chris Pratt's future after all?

When rumors of Chris Pratt picking up Indiana Jones' iconic whip and fedora made the rounds, the Internet 'sploded.

Lucasfilm president confirms a new Indiana Jones movie will be made...eventually.

Since Disney bought Lucasfilm back in 2012, we've been waiting for one more rip-roaring Indy adventure.

Fan remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark gets its own documentary

How good was a fan-crafted remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark? So good that it's gotten its own documentary.

Rumor of the Day: Steven Spielberg wants to direct Indiana Jones reboot

We've been speculating so much about who might play a rebooted Indiana Jones that we haven't spent much time thinking about who would direct him.

Rumor of the Day: Disney wants Chris Pratt to play the new Indiana Jones

Along with the Star Wars deal, Disney also picked up the rights to make new Indiana Jones films ... and now we know who's on the short list to take up the whip and fedora.

Image of the Day: Original concept art for the Ark from Raiders of the Lost Ark

It’s one of the most iconic props in cinema lore, and here’s what the iconic Ark from 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark almost looked like.