First look at Neil Gaiman's How To Talk To Girls At Parties film
May 19, 2017

Three new teasers preview the upcoming How to Talk to Girls at Parties by Neil Gaiman from John Cameron Mitchell.

When a neural network comes up with movie titles, you get Cannibal Spy II and Star Wars: The Santa Contract
Apr 27, 2017

A professor at Georgia Tech decided to source all the movie, book, TV and video game titles and summaries on Wikipedia to power a neural network. Then, he asked it to name the next blockbuster movie or hit TV show. The results were … a bit mixed.

Stuff We Love: Uzumaki is the scariest movie you've never seen
Apr 21, 2017

You will find yourself spiraling into the horror before you have any idea what is happening to you.

Those films set in the Half-Life and Portal universe are still happening
Jan 23, 2017

The live-action films set in the Half-Life and Portal video game universe are still in development. So don't give up hope just yet.

Vintage Sega Genesis game Rent-A-Hero is coming to the big screen
Jul 12, 2016

Movie studios have never been shy about looking to comics and video games for inspiration, but now they’re digging all the way back to the 16-bit era.

Would you pay $50 to watch a movie at home?
Mar 11, 2016

You can watch a new release in the privacy of your own home. But is it worth $50?

Epic supercut swarms with every superhero movie in existence!
Jul 4, 2015

Buckle your seatbelt for a blistering ride through six decades of Hollywood's rocky love affair with caped crimefighters. Stitched into this monumental montage of tight spandex, spewing flame and dodged bullets are the heroes that make our pulse pound...and some other guys, too.

A live-action Halo project is FINALLY moving forward
Jul 4, 2015

We've been waiting years for a proper Halo film, and we're finally a step closer. Get this: Microsoft is working on a live action Halo project. Finally.

George Lucas blasts major film studios for having no 'talent' or 'imagination'
Oct 20, 2014

What’s wrong with the movie business these days? According to Star Wars creator George Lucas, it’s the soul-sucking corporate suits.

Image of the day: Unearthed concept art reveals how Spielberg's E.T. could've looked
Oct 14, 2014

He’s one of the most iconic aliens in cinema history, but Steven Spielberg’s iconic E.T. The Extraterrestrial could’ve looked very different. Seriously. Like, a lot.

Exorcist's William Friedkin: TV better than movies, superhero flicks 'opium for the eyes’
Jul 15, 2014

One of the most iconic directors in history is opening up about the state of film and television, and he’s got a few things to say about our whiz-bang blockbuster mentality.

Watch Stan Lee's truly bizarre rant about movie credits being too long. Seriously.
Jul 7, 2014

Comic legend Stan Lee has always been an outspoken dude, but he’s catching some flack for his latest video rant.

Read studio e-mail axing female-led sci-fi flick because Sucker Punch bombed
Aug 22, 2013

Movie studios are notorious for making snap decisions, and it looks like the failure of Zack Snyder’s dark fantasy flick Sucker Punch has ruined female-led flicks for us all.

Beloved comic-book series Fables FINALLY heading to the big screen
Jun 5, 2013

One of comics' most acclaimed ongoing series might be a movie at last.