Mark Hamill

Hamill walks back his comments about disagreeing on the direction of The Last Jedi
Jun 13, 2017

Mark Hamill made headlines a while back when he said he “fundamentally disagree[d]” initially with what director Rian Johnson was planning in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now he’s offering a bit more clarification on his real feelings for the new-look Star Wars trilogy.

Mark Hamill: I 'fundamentally disagree with every choice' for Luke in The Last Jedi
May 26, 2017

Mark Hamill seems pretty excited about how the new Star Wars trilogy is turning out, but that wasn’t always the case — at least not when he read the first draft of The Last Jedi.

First look at Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro's Star Wars: The Last Jedi characters
May 24, 2017

In the wake of yesterday’s magazine covers reveal, Vanity Fair has released some stunning new Star Wars: The Last Jedi pics, as well as a cool on-set video: right on time for Star Wars’ 40th anniversary tomorrow.

Captain Phasma unmasked, a new Rebel revealed in The Last Jedi magazine covers
May 23, 2017

In preparation of the Star Wars 40th anniversary celebrations this week, Vanity Fair has unveiled four magazine covers featuring Captain Phasma unmasked, a new member of the Rebel Alliance and the late Carrie Fisher as General Leia.

Mark Hamill surprises fans in the newest video for Star Wars: Force For Change
May 3, 2017

Mark Hamill surprises fans to announce a new prize for the Star Wars: Force for Change Omaze experience.

If Luke Skywalker is the Last Jedi, what does that make Rey?
Apr 18, 2017

For director Rian Johnson, there was never a question as to who the last Jedi is. If that's true, then what does it mean for Rey?

Image of the Day: Mark Hamill vanquishes his purple Trickster hair
Mar 11, 2017

Here's a cool shot of the legendary Jedi getting his Trickster hair color restored to normal.

Mark Hamill is still mad about how fans treated Episode I's Jake Lloyd
Feb 1, 2017

If anyone can understand the challenge of returning to a beloved franchise and risking the ire of fans, it’s Mark Hamill ... though he's still kind of pissed at Star Wars fans for how they reacted to Episode I.

Watch Mark Hamill's reaction to Star Wars: The Last Jedi's title reveal
Jan 23, 2017

Our favorite Jedi Knight just found out the next Star Wars film has finally been titled.

Rian Johnson: Luke and Rey is the 'key relationship' in Star Wars: Episode VIII
Jan 11, 2017

The folks at Lucasfilm are keeping pretty much everything about Star Wars: Episode VIII under wraps, but director Rian Johnson has opened up about how the long-lost Luke Skywalker will fit into the new cast.