The Twilight Zone

Legendary Logan's Run and Star Trek writer George Clayton Johnson passes on
Don Kaye

We're sad here at Blastr to report that science fiction writer George Clayton Johnson has died at the age of 86.

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Columnist Michael Cassutt goes behind the scenes to explain how writers create weekly TV series.

Warner, DiCaprio entering Twilight Zone

They have hired screenwriter Rand Ravich to come up with a new feature-film based on the series.

Get sloshed and geek out with these brilliant sci-fi TV and craft beer pairings
Trent Moore

We love science fiction, and we love beer. So, why not put those two glorious things together?

14 most twisted original Twilight Zone twist endings

"Time Enough At Last," "Eye of the Beholder" and a dozen other shockers.

15 cursed horror dolls we hope Santa won't be delivering this Xmas
Jeff Spry

Let's face it, Santa has a pretty tough gig. All that jet lag and those nagging elves leaving cookie crumbs in the sleigh can elevate the big guy's blood pressure. Plus, when loading up on Christmas Eve, he's got to make sure to only pack dolls and puppets that won't attack or murder innocent recipients.

6 coolest classic sci-fi toys of the year (gallery)

Toymakers went back to classic sci-fi and fantasy films and TV shows for a new line of collectibles.

15 unreal sci-fi and fantasy books we wish we could really read

It's no wonder why works of science fiction, fantasy and horror feature writers as main characters—people like to imagine themselves as heroes; why shouldn't writers do the same? And tucked away inside those books by writers like J.K. Rowling and Stephen King lies a veritable treasure trove of tomes that don't exist, but should.

99 works of art inspired by The Twilight Zone

Feeling like grabbing yourself some of that fifth dimension (you know, the one beyond that which is known to man), putting a frame around it, and hanging it on your wall?

Get set for Easter with Star Wars (really!) + 18 more sci-fi rabbits
Matthew Jackson

We've already covered sci-fi versions of seasonal candy and colored eggs this Easter season, and now we turn to that other icon of the season: the Easter bunny.

Mike Wallace's revealing (and ironic) Rod Serling interview
Trent Moore

With the passing of revered journalist Mike Wallace this weekend, a lot of his old interview footage has started popping back into the limelight—including the time he got Rod Serling to crack on his most famed creation, The Twilight Zone.

Does the world really need another Twilight Zone remake?

Thanks to producer Leonardo DiCaprio, we're getting one—Warner Bros. has just hired a writer to deliver a new take on a Twilight Zone movie. But haven't these bones been picked over enough already?