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Supernatural stars on how they'd like the series to (eventually) end

It’s hard to believe, but The CW’s Supernatural is gearing up for its 12th season — with no apparent end in sight. But how would the stars like to see it end once the screen finally fades to black?

Supernatural is finally bringing God(?) back later this season

Considering how much this season has been focused on the man upstairs, it sounds like The CW’s Supernatural might finally be gearing up to bring God back into the mix.

Back to the Future meets Mission: Impossible in new NBC time travel adventure series

NBC is developing a new time-travel drama, and it's assembled one heck of a good team to put it together.

The Winchesters keep grinding all the way to World War II in new Supernatural trailer

A decade in, and the Winchesters are still duking it out with ghosts and ghouls — and here’s a look at the long odds they’ll be up against when Supernatural returns next week.

Supernatural director teases one of the weirdest episodes yet (and that's saying a lot)

The CW’s long-running Supernatural is bringing back a fan favorite in tonight’s new episode, and he’s also keeping things running behind the camera.

Things go from bad to worse in haunting new trailer, clip from Supernatural Season 11

It’s hard to believe we’re less than a week away from the premiere of Supernatural’s 11th season, but judging by some new footage dropped by The CW, the Winchesters haven’t lost a step in their old age.

Image of the Day: That time Sam and Dean welcomed the casts of Lucifer and Legends of Tomorrow

For more than 10 years now, Supernatural (now in its 11th season) has been the only show filming regularly at its Vancouver studios. No more!

The CW's Supernatural takes a trippy, dark turn in first trailer for Season 11

The first trailer for the latest season of The CW's Supernatural has arrived, and the world of the Winchesters is turning into a bloody, trippy mess.

The Winchesters are back in first pics from Supernatural Season 11

It’s hard to believe, but The CW’s long-running genre series Supernatural is getting ready to start its second decade — and here’s our first look.