Harrison Ford

Meet Harrison Ford's young co-star for the Blade Runner sequel
Krystal Clark

The Blade Runner sequel has a new leading man. Don't worry, Harrison Ford's still top dog, but he'll have to share the spotlight. 

12 famous actors cut from popular genre films
Evan Hoovler

Even the highest profile can't save you from the editor's axe, as these examples show.

Good news, everyone: Harrison Ford is out of the hospital
Don Kaye

Harrison Ford is apparently back on his feet less than a month after his frightening plane crash.

Here's a stunning new trailer for Blade Runner: The Final Cut's theatrical release
Trent Moore

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is coming back to theaters for a limited run — and here’s a new trailer for the 1982 sci-fi classic to prove it.


Harrison Ford's latest plane crash could get him grounded by movie insurers
Trent Moore

The entire Internet experienced a collective gasp last week when Harrison Ford crash-landed a plane and miraculously walked away with mostly moderate injuries.


Update: Harrison Ford reportedly in 'fair to moderate' condition following plane crash
Trent Moore

Beloved actor Harrison Ford, 72, reportedly sustained “critical” injuries after the plane he was piloting crash-landed on a California golf course.


Harrison Ford is back for Blade Runner 2, and here's who could be directing
Trent Moore

As if bringing Han Solo back to life in Star Wars: The Force Awakens weren't enough, Harrison Ford is now officially returning to one of his other iconic sci-fi roles.


Rumor of the Day: Disney wants Chris Pratt to play the new Indiana Jones
Trent Moore

Along with the Star Wars deal, Disney also picked up the rights to make new Indiana Jones films ... and now we know who's on the short list to take up the whip and fedora.

Ridley Scott on how Harrison Ford fits into Blade Runner 2's plot
Matthew Jackson

Just how much of Deckard can we expect when Blade Runner finally gets its sequel?

Ridley Scott gives update on those Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels
Don Kaye

Does Ridley Scott ever sleep? He's got some news to share on two of his biggest upcoming films.

Production on Star Wars VII starting up again this month
Don Kaye

After taking a break to let Harrison Ford heal, cameras are about to roll again on the new chapter in the Star Wars saga.

Rumor of the Day: How Star Wars production may deal with Harrison Ford's injury
Dany Roth

With Harrison Ford out of commission for a rumored six months, here's one way the Han Solo conundrum may be handled.