That Barbarella movie's dead, so the sci-fi vixen is coming to TV

Perhaps sensing the need for more sultry sci-fi on television, the people behind NBC's Hannibal TV series are developing a show based on the notoriously naughty French comic book which inspired Jane Fonda's cult classic.

Jane Fonda's sexy sci-fi classic Barbarella to be reborn as a TV series

This new version might forgo the go-go boots, but keep the campy fun.

That Barbarella TV series just got a boost (thanks to James Bond)

Move over Wonder Woman, you're not the only one heading to TV. Barbarella's bringing sexy science back.

Amazing unused Incredibles promo from Barbarella poster designer

Robert McGinnis might be a name you're not immediately aware of, but you've definitely seen his art. Posters for James Bond and Barberella are on his resume as are the covers to the many Hard Case Crime series of paperbacks.

Duran Duran + 20 more rock bands whose names came straight from sci-fi

Anyone who has ever been to a Pink Floyd laser light show knows that there's a mind-blowing correlation between rock bands and science fiction. And why not? Both musicians and sci-fi filmmakers are trying to push the boundaries of entertainment. (It's weird how only the rock musicians get the groupies, though.)

Rose McGowan reveals what went wrong with that Barbarella remake

If all those years of buzz about Rose McGowan recreating the role made famous by Jane Fonda in Barbarella had you looking forward to seeing her in that sexy spacesuit ... you can stop waiting now.

Jane Fonda wants to return for a 'feminist' Barbarella sequel

Legendary actress Jane Fonda wants to return to one of her early signature roles in a sequel to Barbarella—and she says she has some ideas about how to make it work.

Katee Sackhoff and 10 other stars who sexed it up as Barbarella

There's no keeping a good sex symbol down. Decades after Jane Fonda took to the stars as Barbarella, the character's sultry style continues...

A new Barbarella gets ready to lift off

A new screenwriter has been hired to adapt the original sci-fi adventure movie.