Mark Hamill officially signs on to voice The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke
Trent Moore

We all kind of assumed Mark Hamill would lend his trademark voice to the upcoming animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke, and now it’s official.

First teaser trailers for Gotham Season 2 promise the rise of the villains
Trent Moore

The first new teaser trailers for the Season 2 of Fox’s Gotham have arrived, and they promise year two will be all about the baddies. 

Michael Cera to voice Robin in The LEGO Movie's animated Batman spinoff
Trent Moore

We were already looking forward to The LEGO Movie’s upcoming spinoff starring Will Arnett’s version of Batman, but now they’ve turned the project into a legit Arrested Development reunion.  Well played, Warner Bros. Well played.

The Batman/TMNT crossover comic you always wanted is coming
Matthew Jackson

The Heroes in a Half-Shell will finally meet The Dark Knight in comics this November.

New, solo Batman movie in the works with Ben Affleck and DC's Geoff Johns
Matthew Jackson

A new Batman solo movie is apparently coming, and one of DC Comics' top minds is helping to write it.

New official images from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have arrived
Matthew Jackson

Ahead of what's sure to be an epic Comic-Con appearance, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has unveiled some new images.

Gotham Season 2 will see Bruce Wayne start developing his dual personality as Batman
Nathalie Caron

If you were among those who complained about the lack of "Batman" on Gotham, things could be about to change.

Rumor of the Day: Ben Affleck to direct and star in stand-alone Batman movie
Carol Pinchefsky

There's more on the Caped Crusader's horizon than Dawn of Justice...and more for Batfleck, too.

Buckle up and behold the bold beauty of this massive, Burton-inspired Batcycle
Jeff Spry

Check out this amazing Dark Knight-style trike to intimidate motorists with.

Image of the Day: Jim Gordon's Project Batman blueprints
Jeff Spry

Dive into these detailed plans for Commissioner Gordon's awesome new armored Batsuit.