Pixar goes prehistoric in first full trailer for The Good Dinosaur
Trent Moore

We've had hints of Pixar's "what if the dinosaurs didn't die out" film, but here's our first real look at it.

Learn how memories work in a new clip from Pixar's Inside Out
Matthew Jackson

The new Inside Out clip takes us inside the film's system of memories. 

Image of the Day: First look at Pixar's new short film, Sanjay's Super Team
Trent Moore

Along with making awesome movies, Pixar has also been cranking out some stellar short films over the years. Here’s our first look at the newest one.

Brad Bird on how he wants to avoid the superhero cliches in Incredibles 2
Trent Moore

With modern classics like Iron Giant and The Incredibles on his resume, Brad Bird is already a living legend — but he’s finally returning to a franchise that’s been begging for a sequel.

Check out the first quirky clip from Pixar's latest film Inside Out
Trent Moore

Pixar is thinking way outside the box for its latest film, and here’s our first clip from the emotion-focused romp Inside Out.


April Fool's Day brings this hilarious mashup of Star Wars and Pixar
Carol Pinchefsky

This animator's talent at turning Star Wars into a Cars-alike is no joke.

See the world from the Inside Out in hilarious new trailer for Pixar's latest film
Trent Moore

The folks at Pixar have never been afraid to push boundaries, and the trailer for the studio’s latest film, Inside Out, shows it could be the most ambitiously weird one yet.


Pixar exec: Toy Story 4 'not a continuation' of original trilogy of films
Trent Moore

Considering it's one of the biggest kid film franchises of the modern era, it's no surprise Pixar is keen to get another sequel to Toy Story off the ground.

Image(s) of the Day: Concept art for the space-set Toy Story video game that never was
Trent Moore

Back when Toy Story 3 was still in development, and before Disney had gotten things rolling on its massive Infinity videogame series, this game could’ve bridged the 2009-2010 gap.

Check out concept art from Disney’s original Toy Story 3 that was never made
Trent Moore

Pixar’s Toy Story 3 made an absolute mountain of money, but due to a tiff between Disney and the studio in 2004, we almost got a very different sequel focused on Woody and the gang.

Go inside a family argument (literally) in new trailer for Pixar's Inside Out
Matthew Jackson

The new trailer for Pixar's journey inside the mind gives us a dinner-table fight like we've never seen it before.

Woody and Buzz return! Disney and Pixar announce fourth Toy Story film
Matthew Jackson

Woody, Buzz and the entire toy gang are heading to the big screen once again.

Get ready for major emotion with first teaser for Pixar's Inside Out
Matthew Jackson

Next year, Pixar Animation Studios returns with what might be its most daring film yet.

Pixar's next film, Inside Out, finally gets an official synopsis
Matthew Jackson

We still have to wait more than a year to see it, but now we've got a synopsis for the next ambitious film from Pixar Animation Studios.