Fringe alum says series became a 'boy show' that lost focus on female heroes
Jan 18, 2016

When it launched, Fox’s Fringe was about a female FBI agent and a father-son duo helping her solve crimes — and grew into so much more than that over the next few years. But, one former star isn’t entirely psyched about what the cult hit eventually became.

If you liked Fringe's futuristic season finale, you're gonna love S5
Jul 5, 2015

Though a fifth and final season of Fox's Fringe was an unknown at the time, the producers decided to take the risk and introduce us to a wild, weird future ruled by the Observers late in season four. With a fifth year now a certainty, producer J.H. Wyman wants you to know: We will definitely be revisiting the bizzaro future of 2036 we glimpsed in "Letters of Transit."

TV THIS WEEK: It's an Observer-filled Fringe, Being Human and more!

After four years, will we finally find out what those Fringe Observer dudes are all about? Let's hope so, especially since Fox's Fringe is taking a month off after Friday's episode. This week we'll also have the return of BBC America's Being Human for a fourth season, which joins Syfy's Being Human on the schedule.

Ominous Observers are heading our way in new Fringe S5 teaser
Jul 4, 2015

A foreboding new trailer for the final season of J.J. Abrams' cult fave Fox series Fringe has been released, and look out—the Observers are coming.

Fringe to reveal all about those Observer weirdos (video)
Jul 4, 2015

Check out the first two minutes of this week's episode, plus other video.

Awesome new movie-style Fringe trailer sets up epic Olivia battle

Fringe has teased us for weeks now that Olivia (Anna Torv) will be headed home after being trapped all season in an alternate universe referred to as "over there." In Thursday night's new episode, "Entrada," which promises to be pivotal, it looks like things are finally going to come to a head.

Get sloshed and geek out with these brilliant sci-fi TV and craft beer pairings
Jul 4, 2015

We love science fiction, and we love beer. So, why not put those two glorious things together?

Follow protocol or ELSE in creepy new Fringe S5 viral clip
Jul 4, 2015

We're coming into the home stretch before the final season of Fringe premieres on Friday, Sept. 28, and Fox wants to make sure we know what we're getting into with the Observer-ruled world of 2036. Luckily, we have another creepy Observer PSA to break it down for us.

Fringe producer says he 'can't comprehend' Emmy snub
Jul 2, 2015

When the Emmy nominations were announced, Fringe fans (including Leonard Nimoy) were pretty upset about the beloved series' snub. So what does producer J.H. Wyman think about the omission? Apparently, he was pretty upset.

10 Emmy-worthy sci-fi performances we're hoping earn a nomination
Jul 2, 2015

We're still a few weeks away from seeing who got nominated for an Emmy, and until the official announcement, we plan on living in hope that some of these stellar sci-fi performances of the past year manage to make the cut.

9 sci-fi spinoffs we want and the characters who'd make us watch
Jun 26, 2015

As much as we love TV shows like Once Upon a Time, Fringe and The Walking Dead and the stories they're telling, there are some characters that we simply can't get enough of—so here are some pie-in-the-sky projects we'd kill to see happen.

12 sci-fi sidekicks who are more interesting than their partners
Jun 26, 2015

Sci-fi is filled with dynamic duos and famous teams. The leader usually gets all the glory, while the sidekick's just along for the ride, But not this time. They've played second fiddle long enough!