Star Trek

What do you get when you cross Classic Star Trek and the Next Generation? A lot of great lines. Check out all the Star Trek comic & movie news!

First look at Star Trek: Discovery actually kind of looks like Star Wars

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have our first look at the new CBS series Star Trek: Discovery. But it’s not exactly what we expected. In a good way.

Honoring the mothers of Star Trek for Mother’s Day

From The Original Series to Enterprise, we look back at some of the memorable moms in the franchise.

Chris Pine channels William Shatner in 'lost' SNL Star Trek episode

Star Trek: Beyond’s Chris Pine was on hand to host this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live installment, where the actor reprised the role of Captain Kirk (with a twist!) in a Star Trek spoof: Set phasers to stun!

William Shatner is going on a zero-gravity flight, and you can join him

Ground control to Major Tom, William Shatner is about to become a Rocket Man in zero gravity.

Star Trek: Discovery cast adds Frequency, BSG alums

Shazad Latif leaves the Klingon Empire for Starfleet, Jericho's Kenneth Mitchell steps into Latif's role as Kol, Rekha Sharma heads security, and two new Klingon leaders joining the cast of Star Trek: Discovery.

New Star Trek Monopoly game lets you play in native English or Klingon

Pass GO and collect 200 Klingon Forces in this Klingonese version of the classic real estate board game.

Fans announce pregnancy with Star Trek: The Next Generation clips

In other words, there’s a high concentration of ionizing energy growing in the center of her body.