Star Trek

Michael Dorn reveals the title of his Star Trek: Captain Worf series
Nathalie Caron

Here's the title Michael Dorn has boldly chosen for his proposed Star Trek TV series.

Paramount boldly beams Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto aboard a fourth Star Trek movie
Nathalie Caron

Looks like Star Trek will seek out new life and new civilizations beyond the upcoming third entry into the beloved sci-fi franchise.

Composer James Horner dead in plane crash
Carol Pinchefsky

 Variety has confirmed the prolific and award-winning composer's death.

This Star Trek fan will get a chance to pitch his series idea to Paramount
Don Kaye

There's been talk on and off of Star Trek returning to TV for several years now, but a diehard fan of the franchise might get a chance to make that a reality.

The Geekender June 19-21: What are you reading, watching, and playing?
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The Wachowskis get some love, the comics shelves get raided, and more in our weekly roundup of what sci-fi/fantasy/horror we're devouring this weekend. What's on your list?

Here are the Star Trek characters Michael Dorn wants back for his proposed Captain Worf series
Nathalie Caron

Michael Dorn had more intriguing details to give about the Captain Worf  TV series he's been shopping around.

Leonard Nimoy's son wants you to help fund his Spock documentary
Matthew Jackson

Leonard Nimoy's son is asking Star Trek fans everywhere to pitch in on his new documentary.