Zero Hour

TV THIS WEEK: True Blood premieres, Zero Hour returns and more!

The vamps and Bloody Bill are back for a sixth season of HBO's True Blood and ABC revives the canceled Zero Hour to burn off the rest of the show's episodes this summer on Saturday nights.

Zero Hour starts weak, Big Bang stays strong + 37 other genre shows

If you were hoping for another genre hit with ABC's Zero Hour, you might not be too happy with its debut ratings.

Why you'll either think Zero Hour is crazy good or just plain crazy

ABC's new conspiracy series, Zero Hour, stars ER's Anthony Edwards and follows the model of 24.

TV THIS WEEK: Zero Hour premieres, a Firefly reunion and more!

ABC premieres its new conspiracy theory series, Zero Hour, which brings Anthony Edwards back to the small screen in his first series since ER.

ABC's fall series include aliens, haunted houses and Terry O'Quinn

ABC has picked up nine new series, including the alien sitcom, The Neighbors, the conspiracy theory race-against-the-clock-to-save-humanity show Zero Hour, a series starring Lost's Terry O'Quinn involving an evil-infested building called 666 Park Avenue and the nuclear sub series, Last Resort.

VIDEO: 1st look at 3 ABC sci-fi series we'll be watching next fall

ABC announced its Fall TV schedule today and released trailers for its new series which feature aliens, an evil apartment building and global conflict. No doubt, the success of the fairy-tale themed Once Upon a Time, which has been renewed for a second season, has inspired ABC to get creative.