Zack Snyder

Unofficial poll picks clear frontrunner to direct Man of Steel 2

Now that we know Man of Steel 2 is actively being developed, should Zack Snyder or someone else get behind the camera?

Justice League costume designer on what to expect from The Flash's big screen redesign

Between decades of comic lore and the hit CW series, fans are already somewhat familiar with the look of The Flash. But he’ll be getting a bit of a high-tech redesign in the upcoming Justice League flick — and here’s how it’s coming together.

Report: Warner Bros. taking 'crowd-pleaser' approach to Justice League

After the, umm, existential(?) approach to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a new report from within Warner Bros. indicates the studio wants director Zack Snyder to play to his strengths with the follow-up.

Zack Snyder explains how Robin's 'cameo' fit into Batman v Superman

Critical consensus might be divided, but the fans have spoken — and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks to be a solid box-office hit. So, looking forward, what does it mean for the future (and past) of the DC Universe?

Jimmy Olsen’s shocking Batman v Superman cameo revealed, and he was almost played by Jesse Eisenberg

Director Zack Snyder revealed that not only was Jimmy Olsen in Batman v Superman, but he was almost played by Lex Luthor himself.

Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams weigh in on response to Batman v Superman

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice getting slammed by critics, the director and two of the stars have remarked on the response to the film.

Justice League producer says the superhero movie won't be as dark as Batman v Superman

With all the darkness surrounding Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, what can we expect from Justice League?