Zack Snyder

Image of the Day: Justice League's battle-armored Batmobile
Mar 6, 2017

Director Zack Snyder shares a new shot of Batman's badass Justice League assault vehicle.

Batman punishes Parademons in new BTS Justice League image
Feb 20, 2017

Check out this new glimpse at Justice League straight from the editing bay.

Zack Snyder shares amazing new 12-minute Batman v Superman VFX reel
Feb 9, 2017

Here's a mesmerizing new special effects reel for Batman v Superman exposing the BTS magic.

A peek at the Watchmen video games that never made it out of development
Dec 19, 2016

Your mileage may vary on Zack Snyder’s big-screen adaptation of Watchmen, but there were some video game concepts in the works around the film that actually sounded pretty great. So what happened to them?

Justice League 2 delayed to make room for The Batman
Dec 12, 2016

It now looks like Warner Bros. has pushed back the release date to give room to the Dark Knight's solo entry.

Zack Snyder made his own Star Wars/DC mash-up trailer, and here it is
Dec 8, 2016

He might be helming DC’s superhero universe, but Zack Snyder is one heck of a big Star Wars fan. So he decided to combine the two into … something?

Zack Snyder celebrates Justice League wrap with new sizzle reel
Oct 7, 2016

Watch Batman, Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman dash about the British sets of Justice League.

Image of the Day: Did Zack Snyder just reveal a new Justice League cameo?
Sep 30, 2016

Love his movies or hate them, you can't deny that Zack Snyder likes giving the fans little teases of things to come.