Z Nation

Go back to the beginning in new Z Nation prequel comic

Syfy’s Z Nation series is a wild palate cleanser for the zombie genre, and now it’s getting a prequel to tell some stories from the early days of the apocalypse.

Zombie series Z Nation picked up for fourth season at Syfy
Nov 30, 2016

Sure, The Walking Dead might get most of the attention—but Syfy has its own zombie series that will be back to battle the undead in 2017.

Next season of Syfy's Z Nation to kick off with TV movie premiere
Aug 8, 2016

The other zombie series on cable, Z Nation, has slowly been building up a fan base over on Syfy with an undead drama that is wholly different than The Walking Dead — and they’ll be mixing things up even more next season.

Syfy unleashes a cray-Z first trailer for Z Nation Season 3
Aug 2, 2016

Things are about to get really cray-Z when Z Nation returns sometime in the fall for a third season of zombie-apocalypse insanity on Syfy. Just the way we like it.

Z Nation + 9 more movies and shows hitting Netflix in January
Dec 31, 2015

Another month, another crop of genre movies and shows hitting Netflix.

Take a look at the zombie carnage to come in new season trailer for Z Nation
Sep 23, 2015

Sure, AMC’s undead behemoth takes up most of the attention, but there’s another zombie series quietly doing its own thing at another corner of the cable spectrum — and here’s what fans can expect from Season 2.

George R.R. Martin to guest star as a zombie of himself in Season 2 of Z Nation
Sep 10, 2015

We might still have a few weeks left to wait for The Walking Dead, but the other cable zombie series (no, not Fear the Walking Dead) returns this weekend — and the new season of Z Nation will apparently include one heck of a meta cameo.