Community's Dan Harmon talks cheating death at Yahoo!, cast shake-ups in S6
Mar 11, 2015

The crazy tale of Community is one of the weirdest and wildest in television history — and it's about to add the zaniest chapter yet.


Which sci-fi movies do you think you should see before you die?
Nov 17, 2014

Sci-fi movies make up 10 percent of Yahoo!'s list of 100 movies to see before you die, but what about these?

Community bringing back high-profile Marvel directors for season six premiere
Aug 27, 2014

If Yahoo! was looking to make a statement with its first season of Community, signing on two blockbuster directors to tackle the premiere would be a good way to do it.

Where we're going, we don't need ratings in 1st teaser for Community S6 on Yahoo
Aug 15, 2014

The first teaser trailer for Yahoo’s Community has arrived, and we can’t wait to get the gang back together again. Harmon is back, and he’s weirder than ever.

Yahoo to produce a sci-fi comedy that mixes Sliders with space travel
Apr 30, 2014

Yahoo has joined Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft and YouTube as an alternate television network with its recent announcement.