Xbox LIVE labels autistic boy cheater for being too good a gamer
Jul 4, 2015

Julius Jackson, an 11-year-old autistic boy, has done well for himself in Xbox LIVE, and in 200 days has racked up 1500 game achievements. Unfortunately, Xbox LIVE thinks he's played too well ... and removed his achievements. They have also labeled him "Cheater."

First Halo, now this: Xbox Live prepping new android sci-fi drama Humans
Apr 7, 2014

After announcing a big-budget Halo series from Steven Spielberg and smaller-budget series to accompany it, Xbox Live has announced its first non-Halo original programming.

Ridley Scott is prepping ANOTHER Halo TV series for Xbox Live
Apr 3, 2014

With one big-budget Halo series already in the works from Steven Spielberg, Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform is prepping another project based on the hit videogame franchise.