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Deadpool has a training montage in the most Deadpool way possible in deleted scene

It’s now the highest-grossing X-Men movie in the franchise, and to go along with that good news, Deadpool also piled up a ton of love at the MTV Movie Awards. To celebrate, the studio has dropped one of the film’s first deleted scenes.

The mutants go back to the 1990s in new preview pages from Marvel's X-Men '92

After finding some major nostalgic success with the throwback Secret Wars tie-in, Marvel Comics is set to debut a proper new X-Men ’92 series at the end of this month.

Deadpool swears all the way to the bank with new box office records

The rudest, crudest new addition to the superhero movie genre just utterly destroyed everything at the box office.

Bryan Singer on creating the X-Men film universe: 'There was no concept'

It’s hard to believe it's been a full 16 years since Bryan Singer helped usher in the modern superhero movie genre with X-Men, but now the director is looking back on how the franchise came together all those years ago.

Bryan Singer tries to explain the twisty new X-Men timeline he created with Days of Future Past

The X-Men franchise has always played things a bit loose when it comes to continuity, and the start of the First Class era only made things even murkier. But, all of that changed with Days of Future Past.

Simon Kinberg promises Gambit film will play it close to the comic canon

One of the most interesting films on Fox’s superhero schedule in the X-Men spinoff Gambit, which was essentially developed as a vehicle for rising star Channing Tatum. Which, we’ll even use the phrase spinoff loosely, since Tatum’s Gambit has never actually appeared in an X-Men film.


This X-Men fan series is the 1990s animated series revival we always wanted

There have been more than a few X-Men cartoons over the past decade or so, but all pale in comparison to X-Men: The Animated Series — the 1990s hit that spawned an entire generation of Marvel fans.

Image of the day: Deadpool meets Gambit, as Fox's X-Men universe assembles

Sure, it might not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Fox has carved out a very comfortable world all its own with the X-Men franchise. Want to see the whole gang together?