Producer Simon Kinberg on the long-term strategy for the X-Men film franchise
Trent Moore

From Star Wars to X-Men, producer Simon Kinberg has his hand in all the geeky-fun cookie jars. Now he’s opened up about the long-term film strategy for Marvel’s beloved mutant outcasts.

Marvel has running contingency plans in case they get film rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four
Trent Moore

It isn’t likely Marvel Studios will get the rights to the X-Men or Fantastic Four back from Fox anytime soon, but if it ever does happen, they already have a plan in place to fold the super-outcasts into the MCU. 

Hugh Jackman reveals Wolverine 3 is about his relationship with Professor X
Trent Moore

The script is still being written, but that hasn’t stopped Hugh Jackman from opening up about what fans can expect from the next Wolverine sequel.

Marvel's X-Men '92 to survive Secret Wars and become new, ongoing series
Trent Moore

Well, this is interesting. Outside of the main arc, Marvel’s Secret Wars event has provided creative teams a chance to explore some weird and wacky ideas — and apparently one of those will be sticking around in 2016.

Hugh Jackman has an intriguing choice to follow him as Wolverine
Matthew Jackson

Hugh Jackman's not quite done being Wolverine yet, but he already has an idea about who could play the role next.

Rupert Wyatt drops out as director of X-Men spinoff Gambit
Trent Moore

It wasn't too long ago that it looked like Channing Tatum might leave the Gambit film over a contract dispute. They managed to lock him in, but now the film is apparently looking for a new director.

Inhumans are killing off the X-Men in latest All New, All Different Marvel preview
Trent Moore

With the Inhumans positioned to become a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comic publisher is preparing a major new arc that will put them directly at odds with the X-Men.

A New Mutants film is happening, and here's a look at the script to prove it
Trent Moore

Fox is keen to double (and triple) down on its X-Men license, especially since Fantastic Four is bordering on toxic these days. The latest entry? New Mutants.

X-Men and the Fantastic Four reboot are apparently set in alternate universes
Trent Moore

The folks at 20th Century Fox have been teasing the possibility of crossing over the hit X-Men franchise with the, umm, less-popular new Fantastic Four universe. Well, that’ll apparently be a bit harder than we’d originally thought.