Wreck-It Ralph

Disney officially announces Wreck-It-Ralph sequel to wreck theaters in 2018
Jul 1, 2016

Riding the wave of Zootopia’s massive box-office success, Walt Disney Animation Studios has announced a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph and released the first piece of promo art.

Visit a videogame world in new images from Disney's Wreck-It Ralph
Nov 17, 2014

Cars 2 notwithstanding, it's never a good idea to bet against Pixar. So, if anyone's gonna make a sort of inside-a-videogame romantic adventure like Wreck-It Ralph work, it's them. And here are a couple of beautiful pieces of art that show they're on the right track.

Wreck-It Ralph reveals the secret life of videogame characters
Nov 17, 2014

This November, Disney's unleashing a non-Pixar toon that finds a videogame villain looking to stretch his legs—and in the process, revealing the secret world that exists behind the controllers.

1st full Wreck-It Ralph trailer'll have you rootin' for the bad guys
Nov 17, 2014

The first glimpse of Wreck-It Ralph gave us a very small glimpse into the video game realm that Ralph lives in. This latest offering, however, gives us a lot more of the worlds we'll see and, more importantly, a closer look at the supporting cast, especially Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman.

Watch Disney's Oscar-nominated fantasy short Paperman right now
Jan 31, 2013

Paperman, which is currently up for Best Animated Short with the Academy Awards, tells the classic story of boy meets girl with a very cute and magical twist.

Retro Wreck-It Ralph trailer delivers vintage videogame nostalgia
Dec 17, 2012

Disney's latest CGI outing looks to be its coolest yet, tapping into our nostalgia for 1980s' video games. To make sure we connect Wreck-It Ralph with classics like Pac-Man of old, the studio has released a cool vintage ad and trailer that hits the classic-gaming sweet spot.