The World's End

Toast The World's End with these 14 beers from sci-fi movies and TV
Aug 23, 2013

When your world is filled with robots, vampires, Klingons and evil wizards, you definitely need a drink.

The guys behind The World's End reveal how their alien invasion began
Aug 22, 2013

Some nine years after Shaun of the Dead, six years since Hot Fuzz, and countless fan requests, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost team up once again.

Simon Pegg shares annotated (and bloody) Shaun of the Dead script
Aug 5, 2013

With The World's End headed stateside at the end of the month, let's take another look at the first entry into the Cornetto Trilogy.

Read Wright's email exchange about the 'c-word' with World's End censor
Jul 31, 2013

Edgar Wright had a simple question about a curse word in his new film, and he got a very thorough and enlightening response from a British censor.

It's Simon Pegg vs. robot invaders in the full trailer for The World's End
May 22, 2013

They've fought zombies and small town psychopaths, but that's peanuts compared to this.

Aliens ruin Pegg and Frost’s epic pub crawl in 1st hilarious World’s End trailer
May 8, 2013

An epic pub crawl ruined by an alien invasion starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and that Hobbit dude from Sherlock? Yes, please. And we have the 1st awesome hilarious trailer!