Wonder Woman

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How Richard Donner's Superman inspired Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman film

This year’s Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were slammed by critics and fans alike for either being too depressingly dark or not a whole lotta fun (or both), and it started to make fans really nervous about director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie. Thankfully, looks like Richard Donner's Superman has come to the rescue.

DC Comics to unleash Wonder Woman prequel comic The Odyssey of the Amazons

This year’s 75th anniversary celebrations for Wonder Woman are still going strong (she’ll officially be turning 75 this coming December) and DC Comics has announced there’s a comic book prequel series we never knew we wanted coming our way.

Gal Gadot addresses the issue of Wonder Woman's sexuality

With Wonder Woman being positioned as more or less bisexual in the current comics run, where does the film Diana stand on the issue?

Comics writer Greg Rucka answers question of Wonder Woman's sexuality

It's been a riddle that fans of the great DC superheroine have pondered for years -- does Diana of Themyscira like men, women or both?

Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman to meet for the first time in new comic book series
Sep 2, 2016

'70s pop icons Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman are about to meet for the first time in a new comic book series.

Image of the Day: Supergirl meets Wonder Woman in first look at 'President' Lynda Carter
Aug 19, 2016

As the series migrates to The CW, Supergirl is making a few changes to the cast. One of the most notable additions? Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins responds to claim the film is a 'mess'
Aug 15, 2016

Pretty much every installment in DC’s burgeoning shared universe has failed to find critical acclaim, and a recent rumbling indicates Wonder Woman will follow that trend. But director patty Jenkins is (literally) whipping out the Lasso of Truth for the haters.