The Wizard of Oz

There’s no place like Oz in these 2 new sneak peeks for NBC's Emerald City
Dec 26, 2016

Ahead of Emerald City’s debut, NBC has released two new sneak peeks to whet our appetite for the upcoming 10-episode event fantasy series.

Here's the first trailer for NBC's modern Wizard of Oz series Emerald City
Nov 25, 2016

NBC has been pushing back Emerald City — a modern (and darker) reimagining of L. Frank Baum’s classic Wizard of Oz tale — for a while now, but the series will soon be here and the first trailer has finally arrived. And yep, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Tarsem Singh to direct Emerald City, NBC's dark take on The Wizard of Oz
Jul 14, 2015

The director of movies like The Cell and Immortals is setting his sights on the land of Oz next.

NBC adapting Wizard of Oz reboot The Wiz as next live TV musical special
Mar 31, 2015

NBC is putting together what could be its most ambitious live TV musical yet — and they want to take us all the way to Oz (with a twist) this time around.

Wicked producer hopes to take the hit stage play from Broadway to film by 2016
Jan 9, 2015

It’s more and more common for stage hits to eventually make it to film, and now one of the minds behind the alt-Wizard of Oz hit Wicked is opening up about his plans to jump from Broadway to the big screen.

Bill and Ted meet Superman in most uncomfortable Halloween special ever
Oct 22, 2013

Bill and Ted are about to go on a Wizard-of-Oz-esque journey with Superman (and others). Sound awesome? It really isn't.

The witches get even freakier in latest trailer for Raimi's Oz
Jan 22, 2013

A new trailer for Sam Raimi's Wizard of Oz prequel Oz: The Great and Powerful has been released, breaking down all the witches and bringing us into the gorgeous Emerald City.

Frightening description of Wizard of Oz greatest synopsis ever
Dec 17, 2012

Before we had the Internet to tell us everything we need to know about, well, everything—there was this neat little thing called print media. It often included basic TV listings, along with synopses of the movies and programs coming up for the day or week. And sometimes, those synopses as absolutely hilarious (and kind of morbid).

15 sci-fi movie and TV urban legends which turn out to be false
Dec 17, 2012

We've all had this happen: You're at a party, or a restaurant, or in a movie theater before the show, and you hear someone say "Hey, did you know ... ?" You know the pop culture tale they're recounting doesn't sound true, but what if they don't believe you? The entertainment world is full of urban legends, and many of them feature our favorite sci-fi stories.